Neocons, the Bible, False Flags and Martial Law

August 18, 2007

By now, you have probably heard that the government has been training ministers to convince their congregations to submit to government authority in the event of a martial law crackdown, based upon Romans 13 (see also this).

Fundamentalist Christians argue that Romans 13 states that Christians must submit to government authority, since the government is divinely empowered and sustained. This is actually the argument which Adolph Hitler used in order to convince the German churches to follow him and his policies.

However, Romans 13 does not teach subservience. Rather, as explained by a Baptist minister, Romans 13 actually says something very different:

“Paul … said, ‘Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.’ Meaning, our obedience to civil authority is more than just ‘because they said so.’ It is also a matter of conscience. This means we must think and reason for ourselves regarding the justness and rightness of our government’s laws. Obedience is not automatic or robotic. It is a result of both rational deliberation and moral approbation.

Therefore, there are times when civil authority may need to be resisted. Either governmental abuse of power or the violation of conscience (or both) could precipitate civil disobedience.”

The Bible therefore requires that Christians resist imposition of martial law based upon false pretenses or upon an abuse of power.

Similarly, Romans 13 teaches that any government that is a “terror to good works” is acting beyond its authority and must be resisted.

Therefore, Romans 13 compels us to resist and remove from power elements of the U.S. government which participated in the 9/11 attacks or are planning to carry out further false flag attacks.

And remember that neoconservatives use religion to manipulate people, even though they themselves are usually not religious. So the government hacks pushing Romans 13 as an excuse for fascism and government-sponsored terror likely do not themselves even believe in the Bible.

Note: Please pass this on to every Christian you know.

This is not meant as an attempt to convert non-Christians to Christianity. 85% of the American population identifies itself as Christian, and millions more identify themselves as Jewish. Therefore, it is aimed at the vast majority of Americans who already believe in the Bible, or those who wish to reach them. If you are an atheist, mocking Christians will not help to persuade them of your view – it will just make them defensive. But educating them about what their own faith really teaches might help to persuade them.

5 Responses to “Neocons, the Bible, False Flags and Martial Law”

  1. ClapSo said

    This education is already being done by more sensible members of the christian church. You might stop by Monte Asbury’s Blog for a great example of a better christian perspective. Even though I am of a different religion, I find Monte’s posts to have meaning in my own life…

    It doesn’t hurt that Monte and I are of the same political bent either 😉

    Thanks for taking on this issue from a fresh perspective. The way to get rid of the neo-con-artists is to tell the TRUTH!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. ClapSo said

    ACK, I screwed up the link. Sorry, here it is again:

    Monte Asbury’s Blog

    Hope it works this time…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  3. Monte said

    Thanks for the kind words, ClapSo!

  4. The Bible is a shit! A jewish dangerous shit.
    The Bible is a military shit! And the U.S. Po
    litik is a military shit. I don,t see a dife-
    renc between Obama and Bush. Bush liked the
    bible, Obama to! Stupid american peole!

    Who needed the Bible? Who is a stupid. Obama is
    stupid to!!! Why? Because the Bible is a 100%
    military book. We have Rassism, War, Genocide
    in the Bible. I don,t see differenc between Genocide in the Bible and Holocaust!

    Who killed first the people? Jewish or Hitler?
    The Bible say: Deut.7:1., Deut.12:29., Deut.19:1.
    American people is a sik!!!


  5. What we have in the Bible? Rassism, Genocide, War
    and Inzest, Kannibalism, Slavery. Obama is one
    black man, and his Vater was one Slaver?
    He didn´t read the Bible? Martin L. K, loved the
    Bible to, als black man! A B S U R D ! Stupid
    american people. Only stupid people needed the
    Bible. I don,t see a diference between Holocaust
    and Genocide in Old Testament.
    I need the Bible, but just for Toallet!
    A t h e i s t !

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