The Resist/Revolt Mission

August 19, 2007


We have formed a movement and network to connect and unite our fellow American patriots, truth activities, believers of God and supporters for a single purpose: to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American people.

We are calling everyone to this cause, to resist the tyrants that are planning to oppress, arrest and slaughter the American people. In our hearts, we have already chosen to stay and defend our families, friends, loved ones and fellow Americans, if martial law is enacted. We will be the resistance against oppression.

Too many events in history, past and present, have proven fatal for people who did not stand up against their governments. The American Revolution showed us how our founding fathers and people could successfully win a war and begin a new nation. The American Civil War proved that we could put an end to the slavery and oppression of tyrants.

Let us prepare ourselves for the resistance against martial law. Let us prepare ourselves for the revolution of a nation!

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