Join the Resistance!

August 21, 2007

RESIST/REVOLTWe are forming a de-centralized movement that has no formal leaders, composed strictly of true American patriots, Truth activists, and American citizens who love and enjoy their God-given right to freedom.

There is many ways you can help preserve liberty and ensure American citizens know the Truth. Here is a few ways you can help today:

  • Visit our Myspace presence and add us as your friend

  • Design, produce and distribute flyers that inform your family, friends, and neighbors about President Bush’s ability to invoke martial law and its consequences for every American citizen

  • Spread the Truth about the September 11th, 2001 incidents that happened on American soil

  • Host weekly RESIST/REVOLT meetings in your community and discuss ways you can further The Resistance

  • Form a RESIST/REVOLT activist group with your family, friends and neighbors and get out there and spread the truth about our government, terrorism, and politics

In the future weeks to come, look for some exciting things. We will be posting regular short videos. Our fellow bloggers out there will find these videos useful in promoting our cause, even viral.

One Response to “Join the Resistance!”

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