The Next 9/11 Attack? Tomorrow!

August 21, 2007

August 22nd, 2007 – It is the day after the closing of the Montebello Summit meetings between President Bush and his counterparts from Canada and Mexico. It falls in the middle of the terrorism drill, Noble Resolve 07-2, that is slated to run from August 20th-24th. The drill is being carried out now in the Portland, Oregon region. The 9/11 attacks happened on the East Coast; the West Coast has yet to experience a tragedy as unparalleled as those horrifying events.

It is our prediction a staged nuclear attack will be carried out on American soil on the West Coast of the United States of America on the morning of August 22nd, 2007. This new horrifying event will be indirectly sponsored and supported by the global elites to further their cause.

It comes at a perfect time for the global elites, who are pushing their agenda strongly to unite and dissolve the borders of Canada, Mexico and the United States. It gives President Bush even more reason to follow through with the SPP agenda.

[UPDATE: There is a discussion going on at the Prison Planet Forums about our prediction.]

7 Responses to “The Next 9/11 Attack? Tomorrow!”

  1. Fardyknoocker said

    If the nuke doesn’t hit the West Coast tomorrow, will it be because you exposed the criminals or will you retract your prediction?

  2. Thank you for your question. If the nuke doesn’t go off tomorrow or this week, of course not, we will not retract our prediction. There is no certainty it will happen, we are not the men pulling the strings amongst the global elites.

    All we can say, is if it doesn’t go off tomorrow, we will be grateful that American life was not lost to a brutal, senseless and diabolic attack.

  3. nishugoyal said

    i wish thr is no neuclear attack anywhere .. anytime.

  4. What’s Really Happening at Noble Resolve

    For a view of what Noble Resolve 07-2 is really about, check out this live blog by Robert Pursell from U.S . Joint Forces Command Public Affairs. He’s posting directly the experiment floor.

    SPC. Andrew Orillion
    USJFCOM Public Affairs Office

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  7. mondo said

    Micheal Cherfoff said at USC’s CREATE DHS meeting last month that he had intel there would be a “simultaneous L.A./S.F. dirty bomb attack”. If you google Micheal Chertoff + CREATE”, you’ll find the speech he gave. They want to knock out the ports to weaken the Longshoremens Union and the Truckers so they have an excuse to not only bomb iran, but to allow shipments to be diverted to mexican ports and let mexican trucks drive through the US a la NAFTA Superhiway

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