The Next 9/11 Attack? Today?!?

August 22, 2007

American Flag, Half MastThere has been many visits from inside and outside of WordPress today. As midnight approaches, we are concerned and waiting to see if a false-flag terrorist event will happen on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007. There is certain intel floating around the Internet that the next terrorist attack on American soil will not be a detonation of a nuclear weapon. Rather we have received information it could be a biological or chemical weapon.

No matter what type of horrific weapon globalists use, American life will be lost. Our prediction still stands that a weapon of mass human destruction will occur in the morning hours on August 22nd, 2007. As previously stated, we predict it will occur on the West Coast, most likely Northern California, Oregon or the state of Washington. We have also received intel the next attack on American soil could possibly be aimed at multiple cities within hours of each successive attack.

The truth of the matter is, we never truly know when the next major attack will be. We should pray for our country, our fellow Americans, and join in kinship with our family, friends, loved ones and neighbors.

Keep safe!

27 Responses to “The Next 9/11 Attack? Today?!?”

  1. daredevil92103 said

    i said a month ago it would occur within a month. the 22nd is it, or i’m wrong. i hope and pray i’m wrong.

  2. Yes, we hope we are all wrong about this. Let us pray and keep safe!

  3. daredevil92103 said

    i was talking to one of my buddies that works for the D.O.D.
    he mentioned something about there being a threat on schools.
    this doesn’t fit in with what i was figuring on happening, but anyone else hear about it?

  4. We’ve heard a few things about this. We’ve read so much material lately and been in contact with a lot of Truth activists recently. I have personally heard it would happen in the hours when children would be attending school, possibly even an attack on a school.

  5. daredevil92103 said

    i got an interesting thing someone posted on my blog, i submitted it to a news source, but haven’t heard anything from them. i’ll paste it here for you if you want. it was when, actually right when new york was on alert for radiological terror attacks, a while back.

  6. daredevil92103 said

    (un-named source)

    This dirty bomb threat on the transportation systems is very real and this is exacty why The army should be concerned with this threat. Recently a Korean spy was caught in a new jersey restaurant and was charged on July 20, 2007 with lying to the FBI and spying in Federal District Court in NYC. The restaurant may have been the same one which is owed by Robert Egan, but even if it is not the same restaurant there is still a grave security issue that needs to be addressed. Robert Egan a confirmed n Korean representative and self professed advocate with ties to n Korea per Newsweek magazine article by m. Hirsh 0ctber 2006 called we are a nuclear power. Robert Egan is associated with a Fort Dix New Jersey National Guard Jag officer LTC Mark Winkler. Mark Winkler has a law practice in Franklin lakes NJ and is a personal friend and attorney for Robert Egan. LTC Mark Winkler was probed by the FBI and Military Intel Omar Bolotok on Fort DIx for espionage issues with N. Korea and for failing to report on his past security clearance applications contact with a representative of a foregn government. This was also confirmed by the 1079th GSU Commander who had a meeting with the FBI, MI Officer Omar Bolotok in 2007 but fort dix officials prefer to ignore the threat to avoid media attention and embarrassment. LTC Winkler was never held accountable for the last 12 years he placed the NJ army national guard and fort dix and united states at risk with failing to disclose this information and the JAG corp on fort dix are supporting LTC Winker out of fear that his exposure will mean they failed to report this incident and risk timely. Please contact the appropriate authorities to make sure the potential threat is investigated and not covered up. Thousands of NYC civilans lives and our soldiers lives are at risk behind this incident and LTC Winkler had access to troop key nyc transportation chokepoints, national guard mobilization strategy and troop movements, locations of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, IED risks, and military protective instructions as well as locations of our Nuclear power plants in the US and transportation safety issues. Your help is needed, please write to your congressman if you are a nyc or new jersey resident and report this on to your commander if you are a member of the armed forces. Act today before it is too late. Waiting more than a day or a week to report this will mean high casualities. Click on this link to hear Robert Egan’s Radio Interview

  7. daredevil92103 said

    if it looks real to you, use it.

  8. Yes, please post in the comments if you’d like. If you get any interesting news pieces or must have information, please just fill out the contact form and we’ll be sure to check our email. If it fits in with what we are doing, we’ll definitely get around to posting it or mentioning in an entry.

  9. daredevil92103 said

    i will. keep up the good work.

  10. Kuba said

    well, its 12:50 EST and nothing has happened… 9:50 Pacific time…
    may I ask where are you getting all of this “intel” from?

  11. Kuba said

    oh and a threat in schools? I don’t know if anyone noticed, but its August.

  12. Kuba said

    no replies? did the terrorists cut off your connection to the internet?

  13. daredevil92103 said

    i just got on. terrorist attack on the schools i don’t know much about. heard it from a buddy, it wasn’t supposed to be now, that i know of.
    thank God there wasn’t a terrorist attck today. look man, we were hoping we were wrong.
    yeah, i think there will be another attack soon. my “intel” is history, along with a bit of guess work. what? you think there wont be another attack? lemme guess, now that we listen in on everyone’s phone conversations, and all the other nutty stuff, that an attack wont happen? depends on who’s attacking. i hope there is never another attack. i also hope that the constitution means something. college is already in, by the way.

  14. Ms.KM said

    Pete Seda is on trial in Lane County for laundering $$ to terrorist organizations out of Ashland Oregon (google him) , the judge has decided to defer sentencing until September 10th. (interesting timing!!) I-5 in the Medford/Ashland area has an increased traffic of homeland security vans (I have personally witnessed this), a four day disaster simulation exercise has just commenced in Portland (as of yesterday). Something is up! Pete Seda is being lauded in the press as a “trojan horse”, might be an excellent cover for false flag or other attack. I wouldn’t feel relieved just yet. Just thought I’d weigh in…

  15. Ms.KM said

    I forgot to mention that the SOU campus (Ashland, Oregon) has had an influx of middle eastern students in the ESL program (approximately 25 young men) all enrolled in the last few weeks..maybe I’m profiling…but I’ve been there for the past 6 years and have never witnessed anything like this~

  16. Ms. KM,

    Thanks for the info. You might be onto something. I’ve been to Ashland and have a few friends that lived there before. It doesn’t seem like a community that has a lot of Arabic-speaking people living there. I wonder why such the increase?

    Something is definitely wrong…

  17. daredevil92103 said

    good info. ms KM. someone connect the dots and blog this stuff.

  18. Ms.KM said

    August 15, 2007
    Pete Seda arrested on return to Oregon
    The Associated Press

    PORTLAND — The fugitive former director of a defunct Islamic charity was arrested Wednesday by federal agents when he arrived in the United States to face tax and money laundering charges, his attorney said.

    Pirouz Sedaghaty, 50, also known as Pete Seda, was detained at the customs checkpoint after getting off a flight that arrived at Portland International Airport from Germany.

    Federal prosecutors say Sedaghaty left for Saudi Arabia four years ago. His attorneys have so far refused to say where Sedaghaty, a native of Iran, has been living since then.

    He was to appear later Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Eugene. One of his attorneys, Tom Nelson, said prosecutors plan to ask a judge to keep Sedaghaty in custody until his arraignment next Wednesday.

    Sedaghaty is accused of conspiracy, money laundering and tax fraud charges that claim he helped smuggle $150,000 out of the United States to Saudi Arabia through the charity, and then filed a false tax return to cover it up.

    Sedaghaty, a U.S. citizen, decided it was time to confront the charges, Nelson told The Associated Press.

    “He is voluntarily returning home to clear his name,” Nelson said. “He always said he would return and is now looking forward to working again in the community.”

    Sedaghaty was co-director of the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation chapter in Ashland, which the U.S. Treasury Department in September 2004 designated as a group supporting terrorism.

    Sedaghaty, who left the country in 2003, founded the chapter with a Saudi citizen, Soliman al-Buthi, who returned to Saudi Arabia in 2001.

    Unlike Sedaghaty, al-Buthi has been labeled a “specially designated global terrorist” and is considered an international fugitive even though he is working as a government official in Saudi Arabia.

    The Al-Haramain foundation, based in Riyadh, was dissolved by the Saudi government in 2004.

    The federal investigation of the Oregon chapter of Al-Haramain became public late in 2003, surprising many in Ashland, where Sedaghaty had attended Southern Oregon University and decided to launch a career as an urban forester. He was known for his work to save trees threatened by development, earning local media attention, and as a peace activist who worked to improve relations with Muslims.

    The Ashland house where the chapter was based was sold in May 2006 at the direction of the Treasury Department.

    The Treasury Department said the Oregon chapter of Al-Haramain was designated as a group suspected of supporting terrorism because a federal investigation showed “direct links between the U.S. branch and Osama bin Laden.”

    Earlier this month, Nelson filed a federal lawsuit in Portland seeking to remove the chapter from the government list.

    The lawsuit noted the Treasury Department’s allegation about links to al-Qaida came in a press release, and said the department has never provided the Oregon chapter with any information it used for the designation in order to rebut it, or responded to requests for reconsideration.

    The Oregon chapter of Al-Haramain was charged in the same February 2005 federal grand jury indictment as Sedaghaty and al-Buthi. Sedaghaty was listed as the secretary of the chapter and al-Buthi as its treasurer.

    The indictment said that “zakat,” the requirement that all Muslims donate to charity to help the poor and needy, “has been diverted by Islamic charitable foundations” to assist in “violent jihad,” or holy war.

    A federal judge in September 2005 dismissed the charges against the foundation at the request of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Oregon after federal prosecutors argued it was a waste of time because the foundation chapter was nothing but a corporate shell.

    Prosecutors, however, reserved the right to refile the charges against the foundation.

    The chapter is at the center of a federal lawsuit challenging the Bush administration warrantless eavesdropping program.

    The case, being heard by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, claims the National Security Administration illegally intercepted telephone calls without warrants between al-Buthi and his two American lawyers, Wendell Belew and Asim Ghafoor.

    Attorneys for the chapter have offered a call log the Treasury Department mistakenly released to them as evidence. The log since has been ordered returned to the government, which has been keeping it under tight security, allowing it to be seen only by top government officials and select federal judges despite arguments by attorneys that it does not merit such protection.

    Sedaghaty established the Oregon chapter of the charity in 1997 with support from the Saudi foundation. He distributed Islamic literature to prisoners and operated the chapter as a prayer house.

    But a former worker at the Ashland chapter who wrote a book about his experience has said the chapter promoted Islamic radicalism with its literature.

    Both Sedaghaty and Al-Buthi, in newspaper interviews, have denied those claims by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross in his book, “My Year Inside Radical Islam.”

    *would be a great cover story for false flag attack on the West Coast*

    Coincides with…
    This is an urgent advisory notice from concerned citizens of Oregon and Washington about an upcoming U.S. Joint Forces Command emergency management exercise known as NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 that will simulate terrorism or disaster scenarios in the Lower Columbia River Basin between Aug. 20th and Aug 24th, 2007.

    NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 was designed and will be directed by U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) and the Department of Homeland Security. We are aware of no public notice concerning this exercise, but preliminary investigation has revealed that Oregon National Guard officials and federal officials will conduct the drill. Details from official sources are minimal.

    This advisory is to document our concerns, raise public awareness and urge citizen action based on the following facts:

    1. NOBLE RESOLVE is a computer-based simulation of a large-scale emergency situation (e.g. earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, or terrorist attack with nuclear weapon) in order to train for managing all aspects of the emergency response through comprehensive software.

    2. Military exercises such as NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 have a recent history of coinciding with lethal “live” events. This occurred both at the start of Desert Storm in 1990 and on 9/11/01 when five or more major military or security exercises were in progress on the very day of the actual attacks. The same phenomenon occurred with the London Bombings of 7/7/05 during which a drill concerning multiple bomb attacks was being staged on that day.

    3. Vice President Cheney, Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff and former Senator Rick Santorum have all warned of a new 9/11 attack this summer, but are giving no evidence in support. Chertoff based his prediction on a “gut feeling”.

    4. The May 2007 Presidential Directive NSPD 51 (HSPD 20) addressing “continuity of government” in the event of a massive emergency, includes secret “annexes” which are pertinent additional documents. Some US Congressional Committee on Homeland Security members such as Rep. Peter DeFazio have written to formally request permission to review these secret “annexes” and have twice been denied access by the White House.

    5. This particular exercise, NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2, includes one scenario involving an unaccounted for, “loose,” ten kiloton nuclear weapon, exactly as Vice President Cheney hinted in recent interviews. Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff claims he fears the same.

    6. The plummeting support for the GOP has triggered comments from its members and analyses of its current political strategy that point to a new 9/11 attack as a contributing factor to GOP political salvation. Moreover, it appears that legends or back stories are being disseminated to support just such an event.

    Transparency concerning NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 is vital for the public safety of everyone in the Lower Columbia River Basin. We call on the planners, directors and participants in NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 to be vigilant and to maintain transparency with respect to these military exercises. We also urge citizens and our elected officials to monitor the activities of participants connected with the exercises and alert authorities to any suspicious behavior. These exercises have an established pattern of becoming “live” events. (Please read references below.) We recommend that officials of the Ports of Astoria, Longview, Vancouver and Portland on the Lower Columbia River take extra care in their monitoring and examination of all shipping on the Lower Columbia River while NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 is in progress. Finally, we urge all concerned to voice that concern in letters and calls to elected officials and civil servants requesting full transparency and citizen oversight.


    1. About Noble Resolve
    “Four days of “simulated” nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe”
    USJFOCM – 1
    USJFOCM – 2:

    2. History of Military Exercises Coinciding with live events
    Internal Look Simulation of Iraq Invading Kuwait Coincides with Start of Desert Storm
    Norman Schwarzkopf: “We went ahead and did an exercise, what’s called a command post exercise, which is what Internal Look was to test our ability to deal with this particular scenario … Just so happened we were in the middle of conducting the Internal Look command post exercise at the same time the crisis developed in the gulf.”
    NYC / Washington DC / Pennsylvania on 9/11/01
    London Bombings

    3. New 9/11 warnings
    Cheney (page 8)
    Al Qaeda

    4. NSPD 51 Grants Martial Law authority
    Text of NSPD 51
    DeFazio denied access to COG plans

    5. Scenario Involving Nuclear Attack in Portland
    Harvard Study Maps Results of 10 Kiloton Nuclear Blast in Portland, OR (Pg. 9)
    Ten kiloton nuclear bomb fact sheet

    6. Associating terrorist act to revival of GOP
    Republican Party of Arkansas (3rd para. from end)
    Paul Craig Roberts

    Portland Connections:
    Uncertain future (Portland, Oregon) Oregon gets terror drills
    Portland Withdraws from Joint Terrorism Task Force
    Swan Island Networks is providing logistical support for Operation Noble Resolve
    Mobius & Swan Island
    Maersk Lines now primary US military shipper
    Maersk Lines involved with NOBLE RESOVE
    SeaSecure & Mobius

    General Background:
    Is America Preparing for Martial Law?
    Martial Law is Now a Real Threat: Declaring the US a Battlefield
    BAE joins RAINS
    London Bombing Drill conducted by Visor
    Guiliani in London on 7/7/05
    Giuliani Security & Safety LLC
    Dirty Bomb Threat (backstory)
    New 911-style plot (backstory)
    Al Qaeda cell may be loose in US (backstory)
    Plot would have killed thousands (backstory)
    Doubt cast on ‘liquid explosives’ threat, Al Qaeda network in UK Identified

  19. daredevil92103 said

    ms. km, and RR.
    can i blog about this?

  20. daredevil92103 said

    let me know.

  21. Ms.KM said

    I don’t have a blog other than myspace, only random postings as I work for a govt. agency, so blog away-if I come up with more I’ll send it on.


  22. daredevil92103 said

    thank you, ms. KM
    i just want to make sure people see it. if enough people are looking, maybe it will be harder for an attack to happen.
    God Bless, and drop a comment anytime you want on my blog.
    -Pat (aka daredevil92103)

  23. Ms.KM said

    Will do, many thanks..I hope it’s nothing but you never know~


  24. daredevil92103 said

    i pray it’s nothing, but i’ll put it out there just in case.

  25. If one of you want to write up an article, we’d be more than willing to post it as a blog entry on the website. I believe it should be written soon. With our combined effort, I’m sure we can get plenty of people to read it.

    If you want to take us up on the offer, just let us know and send it through the Contact form.

    Thanks for your dedication to the cause!

  26. KM said

    Approx 10 minutes of CNN’s series “God’s Warriors” discussed Pete Seda and his mosque and activities for Islamic charities in Ashland, Oregon. A former member of Seda’s organization (described as “radical Islam), spoke about his experiences with Seda, and plugged his book “My Year in Radical Islam”, the series has been airing for the past couple of weeks.

  27. Karan said


    I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here. I also have websites & blogs so I know what I am talking about when I say your site is top-notch! Keep up the great w…

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