The Global Elites are Scared and Know We are onto Them

August 23, 2007

Noble Resolve, Defending the HomelandDid our prediction about another 9/11-style bombing attack on American soil scare the globalists from launching their attack? As previously suggested, we claimed the potential of mass destruction by means of a false flag trigger event would happen on August 22nd, 2007.

In the comments of The Next 9/11 Attack? Tomorrow! blog entry there was a comment made by Specialist Andrew Orillion. This is what the USJFCOM Specialist wrote:

What’s Really Happening at Noble Resolve

For a view of what Noble Resolve 07-2 is really about, check out this live blog by Robert Pursell from U.S . Joint Forces Command Public Affairs. He’s posting directly the experiment floor.

SPC. Andrew Orillion
USJFCOM Public Affairs Office

Why would a U.S. Joint Forces Command Specialist contact a group of bloggers and American patriots? Why would someone in the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Joint Forces Command post information regarding this simulation and training drill? To clear the air? To show us what it is really about?

We have a different perspective on this matter. Since a few of our members were previously in the military, we know a thing or two about its operations and day-to-day routines and procedures. We know that every soldier in the military, no matter where they fall in the food chain, must take orders from someone above them or appointed to give commands.

Who gave the order to Specialist Andrew Orillion to post a comment on the RESIST/REVOLT website?

Are we starting to get the globalists attention? Were they scared about our prediction? What are your thoughts?

6 Responses to “The Global Elites are Scared and Know We are onto Them”

  1. daredevil92103 said

    i think too many people were aware that they might try and piggy-back an attack, so they couldn’t pull it off. i mean, if they do it when people are expexting to see something like that happen, then they’ll have a revolt on their hands. it has to happen in a way that will surprise everyone, or it wont be effective. if we stay aware, lots of us, and blog it, and more people are aware of things that might happen, it would be hard to pull off without being seen as being involved somehow.

  2. daredevil92103 said

    strange that you got contacted, though.

  3. Bongo said

    Look… if you look at the Website, they’re trying to show everything they can. What else can they do to show you this is just an exercise? They did one of these in Virginia last spring — no bomb went off.

  4. Daredevil—Yes, we found it a bit odd that we got contacted regarding this issue. Especially from the Public Affairs Office. Maybe they were just doing a little PR, but we still want to know who gave the order to do that sort of thing?

    Bongo—You are right, they seem to be transparent about this. But at what point did they decide to be transparent? It seems odd they are being transparent all of a sudden, too. Maybe this the global elites new tactic. They will be transparent during these exercise drills, then knowing our luck a bomb will explode when no drill is being practiced by the U.S. military forces.

  5. Vajra said

    If it happens during an excercise we are dead right. If it happens independent of an excercise we are dead wrong. Although this may seem a complete difference, that is the illusion. The reality is either way…we are dead.

    There is powerful influence on both sides of the equation. For the Kingmakers and puppeteers, there is neither truth nor lie in their minds. There is only the message required to manipuloate others into their influence. These are such evil humans that they no longer see any light whatsoever. While we may forgive them on a personal level in consideration of their Divine Soul and it’s development, this is a reality where change is triggered by action.

    Those who follow the Christian faith are familiar with the Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill”, is a bit misinterpreted from the original intent which was “Thou Shall Not Murder”. Righteous and protective warriors have always existed, they were called different things by their respective cultures, but their mission and intent were the same. They had devoted their very lives to the manifesting of equality and liberty for their societies.

    Until aggression is no longer considered a profitable business, we will be necessary. There still exists channels of recourse in our system that can still work if we use them to our advantage. Supporting Dr. Ron Paul is certainly one way we can utilize the tools and inspirations of the moment to demonstrate that the giant is stirring and we would rather not be bothered, but if you wake us, things will happen in a very powerful way.

    May it be Divine Will that we need not arise as One Great Power to revolt.
    May it be Divine Will that we REALIZE by direct experience that WE ARE ONE GREAT POWER and all we need do is deny evil the ability to stop us from resisting by peaceful means.

    In the Name that is all names

    PS We know you are watching and that you don’t like what you hear, please trust we do not like to think it either. If we had our choice we would progress from warrior to statesman to sage with the rest of our Divinely supplied life.

  6. daredevil92103 said

    vajra, that was really deep.

    bongo, they were amazingly transparent, i agree. but i don’t think that those people that were on the training exercise on 9/11 had anything to do with 9/11. same with now.

    and resistrevolt, not sure who would give the order for the PR office. you have to remember, even worldnet daily and other media sources had articles about an attack may be piggy-backed on with a training excersize. why they chose your blog… i dunno. i’ve been wondering the same thing. maybe to discredit you? hey, at least you know they read your posts! they dont usually let people know that kind of thing. or maybe it was just one guy who keeps up and figured he would show that really on his end, there isn’t any plan.
    again, i dont think those guys are in on it. to pull off a 9/11, you would have to have a small group, so nothing would leak. and looking into it, as far as i’ve found, it was. now, of course those small groups are tied to bigger groups, businesses.
    i’m just rambling. i’ll shut up and translate after i wake up.

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