No False Flag Event

August 23, 2007

Thank goodness there were no false flag events in the United States today. Though our prediction did not come to pass, it is a prediction we are extremely happy that it didn’t happen. These are the sort of things that shouldn’t happen in our country, that’s of course, if we had the best leaders overlooking and running our country.

If we had leaders and politicians that didn’t have their hands dirty with globalist money in their pockets, we’d be able to rest more easily every night. But our country is not safe; our borders are not protected.

So to those who have asked if we would retract or apologize for our prediction, we will not. One of the reasons why we made a prediction of this extremity is to show a false flag event could happen any day, especially with more talk of martial law, the North American Union, the new Amero currency and global enslavement.

2 Responses to “No False Flag Event”

  1. corn belt said

    Don’t know if anyone else is seeing a similar situation, but we are a small business that sells firearms and sporting goods. Lately (last 60 days) we have seen an huge increase in orders from our local police departments ordering high capacity clips for both pistol and AR-15. We are a very small community (under 5,000) in the Midwest. Why do our local police all of a sudden need 30 round high capacity mags for AR-15 rifles? This really gives me an uneasy feeling. We are not alarmists, but thought this info should be shared.

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We let others know about this later. We will create a separate blog entry about it. It puts an uneasy feeling in our stomach, too.

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