People Get Ready There’s a False Flag Coming

August 29, 2007

The following Rant & Rave was posted on the San Fran’s Craigslist

Folks, here is what we are all going to do. Practice shouting “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” at the top of your lungs. You need to practice it so that you can really let go at a moment’s notice without being shy, without hesitation. Then, whenever you see any politician or newsreader trying to frame Iran for the next big stunt, shout “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” Best to do it in public at those increasingly rare public appearances by the crooks in power, but even shouting it at your TV and radio will make you feel better (“BULLSHIT” works just as well) and others will hear you and probably join in.

Yes folks, it’s that time again. If I was talking about the holiday season we’d be thinking about pumpkins and turkeys and holiday lights; Christmas shopping, school pageants and “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”. But I’m not talking about the holiday season. I’m talking about the next terror attack. It won’t be sugar plums dancing but the new booga booga bin laden dancing by way of Iran. It’s time for ‘Go west, young terrorist, go west.’

You’ve seen dozens of reports like this appearing all over the official, mass-terror media. These reports are appearing for several reasons. One reason is to let you know that we know they are coming. We also need to let you know that even though we know they’re coming we won’t be able to stop them; the actual reason being that the actual terrorists are employed by the U.S. government. Another reason is simple confusion as exemplified in the motto of one of the chief terror players, “by way of deception, thou shalt do war.” It’s a given that deception is greatly aided by confusion. Think how helpful it was for war games to have been in progress during 9/11 that were simulating exactly what was happening.

We’re seeing the strange ‘put options’ which are always a good indicator that both fan and shit are being readied back stage. We’ve got suspicious looking Middle Eastern men appearing in Seattle and flocks of geese walking over America’s grave in The Bay Area, …enough with the links. We got links and you can get links too if your ipod dies or for some inexplicable reason you decide to pay attention to what’s going on around you.

By this time most of us know that if it isn’t the American neo-cons along with Israeli and British intelligence orchestrating the majority of all terror, domestic and abroad; including within Iraq, then its either aliens from outer space or those mysterious, inner earth dwellers, whose access ports to their underground realms are located at the poles.

Maybe the use of a little logic might help right about now. Who benefits from a major terror attack? Who has benefited from 9/11? Would Iran benefit from the coming terror attack that is going to be blamed on them? Hmmm… let’s see. They become the beneficiary of a horrific bombing attack from a collective American, British and Israeli joint operation. Yeah, I guess they’re really looking forward to that. Yeah, if I were an Iranian that would be at the top of my list of things to do; let’s blow up something in America so that we can be pulverized into rubble.

How did the Afghani Al Qaeda do following 9/11? They made out like bandits right? Let’s see, a bunch of guys, who couldn’t fly small planes very well, got together and hi-jacked four big airliners and did some synchronized aerial ballet that would try the abilities of an expert and then they won the Power-ball Lottery or… or…

American neo-cons got a mandate to wreak havoc upon every area of American life while looting the treasury and maintaining power over the landscape; war profiteers in London, in the center of world banking, made fortunes and Israel was able to turn world opinion against the Muslim, Arab world; turn public attention away from their apartheid and genocide practiced on The Palestinians and give free reign to unrestrained hegemony, not to mention attack Lebanon.

I know what my common sense tells me but then, I have common sense.

Yes people, it’s time to get ready. It’s time to stock up on duct tape, plastic sheeting, staple guns and staples, bottled water, dehydrated foodstuffs and lots of guns and ammo.

So where and when is it going to happen? Well, I’m not a psychic but I think we can speculate with some accuracy. It probably won’t be NYC; been there done that. It won’t be somewhere like Oklahoma because American conservatives are already onboard. The best place, from a tactical perspective is a heavy-weight liberal area. These are the clowns that are always complaining about Katrina and the war and other annoying things. Plus, they deserve it and double plus- scaring the liberal community will throw support to the fascists by sweeping in the fence sitters and ratcheting up the fear.

My best guess is in the area from San Francisco heading north. But… that could be a red herring. Now watch closely, at no point does the hand leave the wrist. Of course, LA is also a perfect spot. It would make sense to put public attention to the north while attacking the south. What’s the latest Vegas line on Chicago? These are just mind games though and will only make you crazy.

When is it going to happen? The best guesstimates put it from early September to some time in March. It really depends on a combination of economic indicators, opportunity, who is where when and the usual concerns; remember, there’s no point in a major terror attack if you can’t make a financial killing too.

How totally devoid of conscience are these people? How cosmically arrogant are they? You only have to read this in order to measure both.

There is always the possibility that they will get caught in the act. People with the sort of gigantic hubris that they possess often make gigantic mistakes. Their present mindset is that it doesn’t matter what we think or do because they are in charge and they can spin it any way they like afterwards. As you can see from the last link, a lot of the time they don’t bother to spin at all. As one of their members said a few years ago, more or less, “We are an empire. We control and shape reality. It is whatever we say it is.”

So… here we are. You can hear the drums and the bugles. You see the new patriotic commercials with the mothers of the dead soldiers and the disabled survivors. We’ve got Bin Laden and the mysterious Al Qaeda with a franchise outlet around the corner from every Starbucks on Earth and seemingly thousands of members with unlimited funding and terror think tanks and dirty bombs. We’ve got unusual and anonymous stock market action. We got unknown Middle Eastern guys doing Jack in the Box routines along the west coast. We’ve got drama, people. The same folks who brought you 9/11 are ready to bring you the next segment in the series. So get the popcorn in the microwave, make sure there’s enough beer in the fridge, call Dominos, call your friends and then sit back in the Barcalounger and get the remote handy.

This is a multimedia experience. The same people doing it will be reporting it… and analyzing it… and protecting and not protecting you all at the same time. Why, even now, Bush’s speechwriters are probably preparing his address. Bush himself may well be in the mirror striking poses and listening to an audio-book version of great speeches by Marc Anthony, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt with a bullhorn in his hand and a roll of socks in his crotch. Whatever it’s going to be, it’s certainly going to be pay-per-view. It’s gonna cost. And whatever happens, in this case, it won’t be true that you have “nothing to fear but fear itself”. The fear and the fact, the problems, reactions and solutions are all going to be coming from the same place.

How about big hand for the psychopaths in charge?

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  1. FemaCamper said


    I will do exactly that. 🙂

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