Why Won’t They Stop the Next False Flag?

September 4, 2007

The author from In Pursuit of Happiness, posed the following:

After this article below appeared [referring to the People Get Ready There’s a False Flag Coming], more black ops deception came into print. One is linking China to the next attack http://www.insider-magazine.com/ChinaAlqaeda/China_Alqaeda.html and the other is an Israeli counterterrorism expert predicting a terrorist attack could happen within 90 days, see http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,161962,00.html

If these experts know of an upcoming attack, it stands to reason that they know the whereabouts of the ‘terrorist’ and can also stop it. Why are they not even suggesting that they will try to stop an impending attack? This is another sign of an another false flag coming.

One Response to “Why Won’t They Stop the Next False Flag?”

  1. drkhairprincess said


    The best way to survive a nuclear bomb is not to be there when it detonates!

    The current folk that surrounds the Bush-Cheney-Blair Axis have shown themselves to be acting closely in tune and with the same style as the “illumunati” (for want of a better word) people and their actions in the past. They have an inherent beilef in numerology and this is a BIG WEAKNESS as it allows us to identify patterns and predict when hwere etc they will strike.
    For instance, the 9/11 event was initiated at 6.30am on the 11th September 2001. At this time, the “hijackers’ got on their planes, Norad was stood down, Bush went out for a run with his mobile phone etc. Everything started at about 6.30 and this says so much. The “Illuminati” are into pyramids, eye of horus etc and all the cult of the ancient gods of Egypt. The calendar of Ancient Egypt well preceded that of either the Julian or Gregorian calendars that we use today by several thousand years. Today, only the Ethiopian Orthodrox Church still calculates it….and according to the Ge’ez calendar as it is called now, the new year did not begin on 1st January, but at SUNRISE (6.32am in New York) on 11th September and which was also the start of the biggest festival of worship of the ancient gods of ancient Egypt.


    The coincidences around 9/11 and the death of JFK are not only beyond accidental, but beyond what could be set up deliberately in a short time. Many of these things will have taken years to plan.

    According to one branch of “Illuminati” numerology, 9 is the number of Man, that which is Unholy and that which is Evil and 11 means Sacrifice. This complies with the theory that they WTC was actually felled by explosives as a religious sacrifice to the Gods of ancient Egypt. Remember, the conspirators already had everything that they wanted in the bag by crashing planes into the WTC and Pentagon and all the demolition of the WTC did was to spray the event with easily traceable clues.

    Again, the Madrid bombings took place 911 days after 911.

    Likewise, 7 is the number of mysticism and the bombs in London were on the 7th day of the 7th month on a year (2005) that adds to 7.

    Numerology is PAGAN BUNK. It gives no powers, BUT anyone operating using it as they are is really stupid as they are easily predicatable.


    Numerology and other events makes predicting when and where it will take place perfectly feasible therefore.

    Firstly where.

    There is a place that has been outrageously “set up” numerologically.

    The Encounter Restaurant at Los Angeles Airport.

    It was built by Disney who are one of the 6 companies that control the press in today’s pre-NWO America. It was designed by William Pereira, the architect of Bank of America whose major buildings are regularly shaped like a pyramid or look like an owl and have street addresses like 555. The design of the Encounter restaurant is the same shape as the initial blast wave of a thermonuclear bomb detonating.

    The zip code of the Restaurant is 90009.

    The telephone numbers of LAX usually add in pairs etc to 9 and ultimately to 9.

    All the surrounding highways add to 9.

    The latitude of LAX is 33 North, 33 being this supreme Masonic number (and 3 time 3 is 9)

    Despite undergoing a massive refit a few years ago, the Encounter restaurant was closed on the 3rd of March (3/3) after a piece of stucco fell off the supports. A subsidiary of Halliburton moved in to work on it allowing OPPORTUNITY. MEANS and MOTIVE are already shown.


    Assuming 9 is the master number that they will go by, then…

    18th September 2007
    …18 adds to 9
    …September is the 9th month
    …2007 adds to 9.
    …18th September is the 261st day of the year. 2+6+1 = 9

    18th si a Tuesday, just like 9/11

    Numerous warnings have indicated that this will happen this summer. Summer technically ends on 20th September. To the Illuminati, the onset of darkness that the end of Summer represents is a symbolic time.

    A whole bunch of close aids to Bush have just resigned and are leaving as if trying to get clear before something unacceptable, even to them occurs.

    The last one to go will be Tony Snow who leaves on the 14th, the previous Friday. It seems safe to conclude that he does not want to be around when this occurs, so it seems safe to conclude that it will occur shortly after the 14th.

    A half-BILLION DOLLAR put option has been place on the Stock Market collapsing before Noon 21st September 2007. Even with a couple of dozen major US cities turned into smoky ruins, the market mechanics would take at least 36 hours for indexes to crash by 30% or more. This gives 18th September as the latest that such an event could take place.

    If these idiots are running by numerology then, my prediction is a nuke at LAX Encounter Restaurant detonated at 9.09am/18.09pm on 18th September 2007.

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