Smoke and Mirrors: Terror Plot Revealed

September 5, 2007

German police and authorities have arrested anywhere from 3 to 8 terrorists (depending which news report you read) today in a plot to destroy a U.S. military base in Germany in a massive bombing.

At RESIST/REVOLT, we are little taken back by this event. We have been covering the possible false flag attacks on U.S. soil for the past few weeks now. We, along with many others, believe a new terrorist attack will happen sometime in the next few months within the borders of our country.

We believe this announcement of a potential terrorist attack is the New World Order’s smoke and mirror trick of diverting your attention from U.S. soil to a foreign country. They need to get the American consciousness off our country and unto another one. When we let our guard down, that’s when they will blow the bomb.

Let’s not keep our guard down and spread the message a false flag is coming.

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