Neocon News Thinks College Student Deserved Taser Treatment

September 18, 2007

The folks over at Neocon News believe we don’t know the full happenings of the white Florida college student who was tasered at a recent Kerry forum. Everyone is talking about this news story now, even the big outlets. They are circulating a different video.

When is freedom of speech not permitted? Why are police or law-enforcement authorities allowed to man-handle and taser a college student for speaking his mind?

Should these types of anti-Constitutional acts of violence be allowed in our country? I say taser the police officers who man-handled and arrested this man!!!

We cannot allow our government agencies to abuse our God-given rights. Stand up and be heard!

One Response to “Neocon News Thinks College Student Deserved Taser Treatment”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the link, even if we disagree. I think the major problem with your perception of this event, which is perpetuated by only viewing the originally released video, is that this wasn’t someone who was exercising free speech. Meyer wasn’t interested in following procedure to get his question heard and decided to shout down Kerry. There’s nothing wrong with someone wanting to speak their mind, and I certainly don’t support John Kerry, but it becomes a problem when they interrupt others who are scheduled to speak and then refuse to comply with the police and those who are organizing an event. Kerry even indulged him, but Meyer wasn’t content with being allowed to cut in line and spread his own propaganda for however long it lasted, he wanted to completely take over the event. Then, of course, he freaked out and fought with the police. You don’t win that one.

    In any case, it is good that we are in a free country where we can disagree with each other!

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