Skull and Bones: The Consequences of Confronting John Kerry

September 18, 2007

We found the following news from a WordPress blog this morning. We feel this sort of torture and censorship should never happen. Help this man fight back against the police who arrested him!

Not once did Kerry call out for mercy for the questioner. Not once. He is a coward who lacks the guts to answer an embarrassing question and a moral idiot who cannot identify wrong being done in his own name when he sees it.

Character matters, John Kerry. I thank God you lost the Presidential race in 2004!

John Kerry should be ashamed of what he did today, tomorrow, and every day of the rest of his life. Democrats who respect him should rethink supporting him and any other leftist candidates who mouth platitudes about free speech they do not adhere to in their own lives.

What am I talking about? Watch.

A young man goes to the microphone at a John Kerry Townhall meeting to ask a question. “Were you a member of the Skull and Bones in college. Were you and Bush members of the same secret society?”

Eight police grabbed the student and hustled him up to the back of the auditorium where they forced him to the ground and piled on top of him. The audience cheered when he was grabbed and moved away. Shouting, the student protested his treatment, repeatedly asking why he was being arrested, what he did, and begging them not to taze him. They tasered him more than once. I counted four flashes and probably missed some.

Shame on John Kerry and the other passive, spineless jellyfish in the auditorium. Shame!

H/T: Stop the ACLU, Michelle Malkin, Wolf Pangloss

12 Responses to “Skull and Bones: The Consequences of Confronting John Kerry”

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  2. Hello RR and all,

    There have been some pivotal insights into the true nature of the Bush/Cheney crew, it’s cohorts, and their long-term deceptions in recent days. To taser a student for asking questions, no matter how inconvenient, is evil, pure and simple. This young man was punished for questioning the secret cabal that is turning the entire world into a plutocracy driven police state.

    It’s no longer about politics and left and right. Truth and Justice are standing on their own two feet and all of the deceivers, on the left, right, and in between are getting very nervous. Next time you want to think of those on the left or right as enemies, contemplate Machiavelli. Keep digging for the truth, much is purposely buried and hidden behind apparently obvious “facts” and traditions.

    Why use the number 36, in Thursday the 13th’s speech?

    Want to know the true significance of the number 36 in Bush’s speech? There obviously are not 36 countries fighting in “Babble on.” So why did our Bonesman President use it in his speech Th
    ursday the 13th?

    Discerning the truth about the USA


  3. Rich said

    I can’t believe that no one got up and tried to stop those rabid police! There was NO REASON for over a half-dozen police to climb on top of this boy and treat him as though he were Osama bin Laden simply because he asked pointed (and yes, embarrassing) questions of Mr. Kerry. And shame on Kerry for saying nothing.

    I emailed the University of Florida Police Department and asked them for an explanation as to why that kind of force was needed on an UNARMED STUDENT WHO SIMPLY WANTED SOME ANSWERS.

    I’m still waiting for the UofF PD to get back to me….

  4. Please send us their response and we’ll gladly post it here in its entirety. Thanks!

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  7. Rev Manny said

    welcome to normalized militarism… bush lost twice and NOW HE’S PRESIDENT?! Tell me then, how are we spreading democracy to Iraq? Or is that blackwater’s job?

  8. Zepplin said

    I gather that we have lost the right to ask a certain questions when it is our turn at a public forum.

    Unfortunately, this new hyper-censorship is not peculiar to either political party.

  9. Freida said

    I cannot say how disturbing the acts of the police department is. The whole world is witnessing this disgraceful behavior and it should in now way be tolerated. and they say Fidel is bad! People let’s not get used to this. Police officers should NOT be tasering unarmed individuals. let me get this straight. YOU ARE NOT ‘FREE’ TO ASK CERTAIN QUESTIONS, YOU CANNOT PUBLICLY STAND UP TO ‘THEM’ THEY SILENCE YOU, YOU ARE EITHER WITH THEM OR AGAINST THEM. What does this sound like to you??! Intelligent people let’s figure this out please!! Not acceptable.

  10. Freida said

    police department, senatory Kerry and whoever was signaling should be questioned.

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