Freedom of Speech Denied, Again!

September 19, 2007

Here is another denial of freedom of speech by police officers, this time during a city council budget meeting. The man just wanted more than a minute to express his views and opinions, but he was taken outside, man-handled, beat, bloodied and arrested. They dropped the charges on him, but apparently, he still had to post bail.

Not only will they beat you, they will also steal your money! 

Watch the video below:

UPDATE: Youtube removed the video to censor what really happened.

2 Responses to “Freedom of Speech Denied, Again!”

  1. LP said

    This is not so much direct government censorship as it is bored police officers—I sincerely doubt George W. Bush is ordering police officers around the country to beat up anyone who speaks out.

  2. Police officers represent their local and city governments. They also can and should be held accountable to the same laws of the federal government of the United States.

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