Open Letter about Andrew Meyer, David Snyder and Free Speech

September 19, 2007

This is our initial response to a reader. 

I don’t fully agree with the use if disruption to levy our right to free speech. However, it appears the organizers of the event cut the students short from asking their questions. It is also reported that the Dean had the bulk of time to ask questions to Kerry, but the students had less than half that time.

The only reason Meyer ran to the front of the line was to emphasize this, then he went ahead and asked his questions. Kerry was even willing to answer the questions and told the officers to leave Meyer alone. I’m sure if Meyer were permitted to speak as scheduled, where he had to wait his turn, he would have asked his questions without such emotion.

But it all falls back to the point, how far is too far when it comes to police force and brutality? There were 5 or 6 police officers (depending on the report you read). Surely, that many cops could contain and escort him out.

There is an incident in a different state with a David Snyder. He was escorted out of a council city budget meeting, beat, bloodied and arrested. They didn’t use a taser on him and were able to get him outside. However, he protested and tried to resist arrest. He was also denied his right to free speech.

Both these acts, in different locations, signal things to come. They signal our government has turned into a tyranny and that our innate God-given freedoms will be oppressed. Those who oppose or resist will be beaten and made to look like scapegoats in the public’s eye.

3 Responses to “Open Letter about Andrew Meyer, David Snyder and Free Speech”

  1. Drow Paladin said

    These sad events of police brutality truly do begin to show the path our country has begun to take. If Congress continues to sit by and do nothing as people’s rights are taken away indiscriminately, what does that say about us? How will we justify these actions to later generations? Someone in government must take action against all of this, or it might not be prevented.

  2. Dorothy said

    This is factual information how people are threatend in Roseland Indiana with town council majority Ted Penn and Charlie Shields this was taken on February 22, 2006:

  3. Dorothy said

    Please see David Snyder’s comments about the grand jury investigation in to the Sept. 14, 2007 incident:

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