Emotional Responses to the Andrew Meyer & John Kerry Incident

September 20, 2007

There is a fantastic article by Howard Ditkoff that looks into the emotions and psychology  of people responding to the Andrew Meyer taser incident.

Howard writes:

What I’ve found most fascinating about the situation are the responses.

Clearly there has been a significant proportion of people that has responded with anger and indignation to what they view as the police using far too much force on Meyer without just cause. Some of those people go as far as to claim that the action was an attempt to deny Andrew Meyer his First Amendment rights and to unfairly and/or illegally suppress his pointed questions about some highly sensitive issues.

On the other hand, many people I have spoken with have defended the police. Even while admitting that their actions may have been rather heavy-handed, they will bring up – and reasonably so – the fact that police officers work in an atmosphere of great danger. Thus, they argue, we need to be sympathetic to the fact that the officers were responding to a person who was in fact resisting arrest, regardless of whether or not the arrest was originally justified or not.

But what is most striking to me is the level of emotion with which I’ve seen people, including myself, respond on both sides of the issue. As the phrase goes “When it’s hysterical, it’s historical,” and I have come to believe that people are reacting to this event based mostly on their own past experiences with authority figures during their development and/or their own coping responses to those experiences.

Read the full article at  Emotional Responses to the Andrew Meyer & John Kerry Incident: A Psychological Study in Issues of Power, Anger and Authority

4 Responses to “Emotional Responses to the Andrew Meyer & John Kerry Incident”

  1. Hanne Bille said

    What Really beats me is that Nobody in the audience
    stood UP and protested against this inhuman attack on a student. Eight !! police against One student –
    does that NEED a cruel Taser ”Treatment” ?
    Incredible that this could come to pass .
    When are they coming knocking on YOUR front door ?
    Just asking !

  2. The rulers of darkness are building a society where this sort of inhuman brutality by police authorities or anyone for that matter is becoming entertainment. Look how they condition our minds to think violence is alright with action packed feature films in theatres, DVD, and TV. The news channels also contribute to this type of mentality that it is better-to-watch-than-stop-it attitude.

  3. diannabill said

    We owe it to this guy to read the book “Armed Madhouse” by Greg Palast that he is holding and citing. I’ve read it–and it made me as angry as it did that young man that bravely spoke out. Shame on us America!

  4. Diannabill,

    Would you kind do a write-up or review of the book with links to where to purchase the book or check it out? I haven’t read it myself yet, but will check it out soon. Until then, maybe we can get others interested in reading it, too.


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