Kissinger Admits Iran Attack Is About Oil

September 21, 2007

In a new op-ed, Bilderberg luminary Henry Kissinger admits that U.S. hostility against Iran is not about the threat of nuclear proliferation, but as part of a larger agenda to seize Iranian oil supplies. But the true meaning behind this is lost on Neo-Cons, who are still deluded into thinking that Americans benefit from the imperial looting of natural resources in the middle east.

In an International Herald Tribune op-ed , Former US Secretary of State Kissinger comes clean on the true motives behind the planned military assault on Iran.

“An Iran that practices subversion and seeks regional hegemony – which appears to be the current trend – must be faced with lines it will not be permitted to cross. The industrial nations cannot accept radical forces dominating a region on which their economies depend,” writes Kissinger.

“Iran has legitimate aspirations that need to be respected,” he writes – but those legitimate aspirations do not include control over the oil that the United States and other industrial countries need,” he concludes.

According to the CIA’s world factbook, Iran has the world’s second largest reserves of conventional crude oil at 133 gigabarrels. Adding non-conventional oil, Iran holds 10% of the global oil supply.

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3 Responses to “Kissinger Admits Iran Attack Is About Oil”

  1. Drow Paladin said

    Yes, finally someone comes out and says the real reasons for at least part of all this chaos. Now we need someone to admit about our current wars, since we can be fairly sure that the main reason that we started these wars are the large amounts of oil there as well. Our government clearly has a lot to learn.

  2. I agree with Ann Coulter on this one: going to war over oil isn’t a bad thing, after all we do need oil. Our history is replete with invasions to satisfy our raw materials needs. Look at Panama, look at the Philippines, look at Cuba.

    Personally I need facial care products. So I plan to invade Aveeda. I also need more hair treatment. So I plan to invade Vidal Sassoon. I also need more grass seed to patch the naked spots in my front yard. So I plan to invade Home Depot.

    See how easy that is? And it didn’t cost me a dime, just like the Iraq war, which paid for itself in oil revenue.

  3. mike said

    I checked the International Herald Tribune op-ed link… It does not site what you claim about Kissinge/Iran… Did they re-jigg the article… Is there another link that will still have this quote???

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