By Michael Abramowitz and Jonathan Weisman

Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, October 31, 2007; Page A03

The White House plans to try implementing as much new policy as it can by administrative order while stepping up its confrontational rhetoric with Congress after concluding that President Bush cannot do much business with the Democratic leadership, administration officials said.

According to those officials, Bush and his advisers blame Democrats for the holdup of Judge Michael B. Mukasey‘s nomination to be attorney general, the failure to pass any of the 12 annual spending bills, and what they see as their refusal to involve the White House in any meaningful negotiations over the stalemated children’s health-care legislation.


White House aides say the only way Bush seems to be able to influence the process is by vetoing legislation or by issuing administrative orders, as he has in recent weeks on veterans’ health care, air-traffic congestion, protecting endangered fish and immigration. They say they expect Bush to issue more of such orders in the next several months, even as he speaks out on the need to limit spending and resist any tax increases. Read the rest of this entry »

We are entering a time where it seems likely, considering the recent MSM statements about 9/11 truthers, etc. being terrorist, anti-American threats to the sheeple, we must as ONE disavow any violent actions.  This would be a great time for a psyop in which an unstable asset claims to be a freedom fighter or affiliated with one of the big truth organizations after committing some violent act.

Keep yer shit wired tight!

History of Mandatory Vaccination

Immunization laws in the US are not federal, but state mandates. The authority of U.S. states to promulgate regulations which protect the public health and safety is well established, having historical roots in health regulations created in the colonial states during the 18th century. A seminal Supreme Court decision in 1905, Jacobsen v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), affirmed the authority of state legislatures to assign “police powers” to health officials to enact quarantines and enforce mandatory vaccination laws to prevent epidemics. Although the historic and legal precedent for state authority to enact and enforce mandatory vaccination laws is clear, it is not without legal limitations and ethical imperatives. Read the rest of this entry »

By Lee RogersIntelStrike Contributing Writer

George W. Bush has declared the Constitution null and void yet again. This time, Bush has used the crisis in Burma as an excuse to issue an executive order that further undermines the Constitutional rights of the American people. Thus far Bush has declared himself a dictator in the case of a national emergency, has stomped on the Constitution by abolishing the fourth amendment through a vaguely worded executive order that claims the government has the power to block the property of people without due process who might be undermining democracy in Lebanon and by abolishing the fifth amendment through another vaguely worded executive order that claims the government has the power to block the property of individuals who undermine Iraq reconstruction including Iraq war protesters.

Bush’s new executive order claims the government has the power to block the property of people who might be directly or indirectly supporting the Burmese government. The executive order was issued today and can be accessed here. The language in this new executive order is very similar to the previous aforementioned executive orders and expands the scope of people who the government can seize property from without any sort of probable cause, warrant or due process.

In the first section of this new executive order Bush expands the scope of the national emergency declared back in 1997 as the excuse for its issuance. He also uses vague language to determine the criteria for seizing an individual’s property. According to the language in the executive order, an individual who the government determines provides even accidental indirect support without any sort of due process can have their property seized. The first section of the executive order is shown below. Read the rest of this entry »

October 18, 2007

Paul Joseph Watson

In a disturbing audio clip, Ed Brown speaks for the first time since his arrest and relates how he was gassed by noxious fumes for three days in a detention center as well as being put in a deprivation tank for 15 hours.
Shaun Kranish of was able to call the Ohio prison that Brown has been incarcerated in and talk with him on the phone for 10 minutes.
Sensory deprivation is a form of torture and extended deprivation can result in extreme anxiety, hallucinations, bizarre thoughts, depression, and antisocial behavior.
Brown also said he had been prevented from making any phone calls or receiving mail.
For the first time, Brown reveals what happened when he was tricked and arrested by U.S. Marshals, including how he was tasered multiple times.
Brown said that he had a chance to fight back during the arrest but that he did not want to hurt anyone.
Brown said his captors were treating him with “professional cruelty” and mentioned that they had also done harrowing things to his wife following her arrest, but refused to go into detail.
“I guess Ed and Elaine Brown, the elderly couple, really rattled their cages, we must be a real terror to the federal government, the corporate structure,” said Brown.
Following our article about Ed Brown supporters fearing Brown was being mistreated or tortured, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier dismissed it , saying, “That’s absolutely ludicrous.”
If what Ed Brown relates in the audio clip is true, it’s abundantly clear that he is being cruelly mistreated.

Editorial note from resist/revolt: Since when does some Satanic Neocon Assassin tell sovereign governments what they will or won’t do within their borders?

Source: Washington Times – Sharon Behn

A defiant Blackwater Chairman Erik Prince said yesterday he will not allow Iraqi authorities to arrest his contractors and try them in Iraq’s faulty justice system. Read the rest of this entry »

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that American War Leaders have ‘suicided’ one of their Top US Air Force Officials Charles D. Riechers as the rift growing between the US War Leaders and their Top Military Officers over a nuclear attack on Iran appears to be nearing open warfare. Read the rest of this entry »



Russian leader Vladimir Putin met his Iranian counterpart Tuesday and implicitly warned the U.S. not to use a former Soviet republic to stage an attack on Iran. He also said countries bordering the Caspian Sea must jointly back any oil pipeline projects in the region.

At a summit of the five nations that border the inland Caspian Sea, Putin said none of the nations’ territory should be used by any outside countries for use of military force against any nation in the region. It was a clear reference to long-standing rumors that the U.S. was planning to use Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic, as a staging ground for any possible military action against Iran. Read the rest of this entry »



From October 15 to 19, 2007, a set of military and civil exercises will be held in Oregon, Arizona and Guam. The exercises, TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield 08, are designed to test official responses to the detonation of radiological dispersal devices on U.S. territory. The exercises will be overseen by Vice President Dick Cheney who, according to unconfirmed reports, will travel to Portland to coordinate all Federal departments and agencies responses to the simulated attacks. This has led to a number of civilian groups expressing alarm that TOPOFF and Vigilant Shield might be used as a cover for False Flag operations that replicate what occurred during the 911 attacks . On September 11, 2001, Dick Cheney was overseeing a series of simulated terrorist attacks involving hijacked airplanes hitting buildings that was called “Vigilant Guardian”. Vigilant Guardian was run simultaneously with NORAD training exercises called Vigilant Warrior and Northern Vigilance that altogether involved as many as eleven hijacked airplanes. This created much confusion and led to stand down orders for the US Air Force that was unsure if the 911 attacks were part of the simulated exercises or real attacks. This confusion accounted for the long delays between initial reports of hijacked planes being used in ‘terrorist’ attacks, and Air Force intercept missions being launched using the few planes not involved in the Northern Vigilance exercise. Read the rest of this entry »

In my recent article “The Police State Is Right Here, Right Now” I included experiences of escalating intimidation on the part of law enforcement in the United States within recent months. I must confess that when I cite such incidents, I fear that in a few days or weeks, it will all go away, and everyone else, myself included, will begin to question the validity of the examples, breathing a heavy sigh of relief and rejoicing that the situation isn’t nearly as dire as I’m asserting it is. 

This time, however, I have nothing to fear because since that article was posted, the ante of out-of-control law enforcement in America appears to have been upped with a rapidity that I could not have imagined just a few weeks ago. 

Have we not all heard about the New York woman on her way to rehab who passed through the Phoenix airport, became distraught when she had just missed her flight, and was arrested for disorderly conduct by airport police? The suspect, Carol Ann Gotbaum, was handcuffed and then placed in a holding cell and left alone. According to police, when they returned, she was dead. At this writing, Gotbaum’s family and officials are awaiting the autopsy report-the “official” cause of death. 

Just a few days later, again in Phoenix, a male suspect was handcuffed after an on-foot chase by police, and shortly after being handcuffed, according to police, he lost consciousness. He was then taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Read the rest of this entry »