Faction 2 Racking Up Major Info-War Battle Wins!

October 5, 2007

Our Brothers and Sisters in places of critical importance are moving strong with the release to the populace of the USS Liberty truth and Gonzales/Bush torture documents. We would venture to guess they had a hand in the Minot to Barksdale nuke run event getting out.

Let us prayerfully high-five them, raise our glasses, salute, cheer, OOORAH, or your triumphant exclamation of choice! Any war, including our peaceful and resistant info war, is won by the best strategy, timing and implementation. One battle at a time each executed with multiple weapons, tactics and positions.

Let us all bloom where we are planted! Be the planter of the info seeds that will certainly do for others what they have done for us. Any human you lay eyes on in your average day is probably gonna be just as righteously angry as you are.

One potential strategy, think about the technique of being pro and not anti. We are just as anti war as we are pro save the lives and rights of all involved. The psychology and the word usage employed by the controllers/overlords can work in the waking up process as well. It may help to raise interest from those we wish to inform.

If you have the love of LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, become a pillar of the resistance and hold meetings, video screenings, make and distribute dvd copies available from many sources as openly available, join activist groups, join President Paul’s support network or whatever your environment gives you opportunity to do. YOU are a vital fraction of the whole, get this info to police, military members…county sheriffs are very important.

Find out if your clergyman or woman has been compromised by Homeland Security as part of their Clergy Response trained JUDAS GOATS!

We know the times will get tough, but we also know where we come from and who stands behind us as we stand and face those who would deny liberty to an entire planet.

The wave we got together to ride is cresting!


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