Ron Paul Domination of recent Zogby poll “universe of voters” by DOUBLE DIGIT percentages IGNORED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!

November 20, 2007

Editors note: More as the story develops, early reports are that our President, Dr. Ron Paul has absolutely mopped the floor with Guiliani, Romney and Fred Thompson. Our President, Dr. Ron Paul won BY DOUBLE DIGITS in every demographic of religion, race, sex, political ideology (except for “extremely conservative” which is the story the Mainstream will report Guiliani won), even in the various age demographics.

Dr. Ron Paul wins!

By Zogby research, the actual full poll was taken using over 1000 likely voters not only the 300 or so in the subset of the poll that Guiliani won.

By Zogby data Dr. Ron Paul is 19% ahead of the nearest competitor in the full poll!


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