Abuse survivor writes to Resist/Revolt

November 21, 2007

Im a bit nervous about doing this but… I obtained a management position within the company I worked for. I entered the online world because I was stressed and really just wanted a diversion from the “real” everyday world of responsibilities. My grandfather and great grandfather were freemasons and my mother has recently started opening up about her experiences during the second world war and time spent in the lodge and the sorts of things which the children were taught to chant etc.

Personally I made the mistake of meeting a man whom I thought was very well educated and interesting, witty arrogant an engineer and a freemason.

I don’t know if I’m putting myself or my family in danger for discussing this but I can’t live with it anymore.

I wasn’t interested in an affair as I’m married. Some of his emails are very very vivid portrayals of multiple sex partners and female submission and degradation. I have them saved. I did meet him and what happened was nothing short of sex slave training. I am also an adult survivor of child abuse. I dont want to go into the entire sordid 16 month ordeal but it’s fair to say this is not a lie, in whatever form and for whatever reason this is happening and I have been harassed and watched online because of it ever since I broke it off and determined to find a way to let people know.

Resist/Revolt response:


Sister Sharon,


Please know that your speaking out, in any measure, may inspire others who hold such information to come forward.


We are engaged in an info war and peaceful resistance movement against some of the most heinous people to walk this planet.


May you have all the personal and spiritual support you require to get through these troubles times.



Would you consider appearing anonymously on friendly talk programs that are trying to get this info out?  If so, you can privately contact us through this site and we may be able to assist.


You might also want to contact former Los Angeles FBI Director Ted Gunderson, who does a lot of work in this area; perhaps he can guide you to resources that will help you.


Perhaps you should consider making a video, audio or written account of your knowledge (name the names) and experiences (including any info on locations, etc) and placing it in a safe location disclosed only to a couple people you can trust with your life.  You may also want to place in safety a list of anyone who can testify to the reality of your situation.  I would also put the mentioned email and anything else of importance in that matter on a flash drive and get it secure.


Truth is our weapon and the only thing we the people want blown up are the lies told by the NWO Luciferian Pedophiles hiding behind reputable positions of influence.


Everyone should read “The Franklin Cover Up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska” by Former State Senator John DeCamp and involving Ted Gunderson.  In addition to learning of the depths of depravity these people laugh about and enjoy, you will find out why Hunter S. Thompson was “suicided”.

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