General Militia Advisory, Militia’s Worried About Thanksgiving Holiday Break Govt. Sponsored False Flag To Possibly Be Blamed On Ron Paul Supporters !!!!

November 22, 2007

If there was ever a time for a false flag op, the Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect.

They are already preparing the political side of the attack – that Ron Paul supporters and Truthers will be the source of the “next McVeigh” as the ritalin-popping shill Glenn Beck once said.

It’s the time before and after the actual day to worry about. Hit the country on THE day when people are where they want to be and with their families where the mind and spirit are stronger and it won’t have the effect. Hit them when in transit, strand them on roads and airports, and the fear factor – and clamoring for someone to do something/anything – will be much higher. By the time people can get home and to their computers to find out what is going on, all dissenters would be dead or locked up.

They might even claim all that “gunfire on the horizon” are Al Queda cells that came out of the woodwork and are being put down. Of course there is no AL Queda and the people being put down will be those who are resisting the tyranny of what would be phase 2 of the enslavement process.

Take these warning seriously.

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