November 22, 2007

Editors note: We neither endorse nor condemn the technology of reversed speech. This info is presented for your consideration.  To hear the sound clips go to

In last week’s report Iran Invasion Recycled, reversed speech from Washington confirmed that a false flag nuclear attack somewhere in America was planned, and that the operation was underway. Only the time and place remained in doubt. Because the controllers behind the present administration had only sixty days to implement the plan, which has always been called GAMBIT, I pointed out that they would probably be forced to simply recycle the same attack plan they’ve tried before. This would place the target at the Port of Texas City, an oil terminal a short distance south of Houston, Texas.

We also discussed the fact that previous plans have attempted to choose dates that promote the concept of religious war, a propaganda tool that can be valuable for years to come. (Two of the previous attempts were centered on Easter for their faked Muslim atrocity.) I pointed out that the Thanksgiving holiday would make a good stand-in for this role, considering the intense pressure that Washington is under to complete this strategy as fast as possible.

Both of these suspicions regarding the time and place of the attack seem to be confirmed by the latest speech reversals we’ve gathered from Washington.

The false-flag attack is to be the trigger for the invasion of Iran, a goal that is now almost two years behind schedule. In addition, the invasion is to be the cover for the use of at least one false-flag nuke to wipe out resistance elements in Iraq’s Anbar Province and thus save the Iraq mission before it fails completely.

If you’ve read any of our reports on the Middle East, you understand that virtually everything that goes on there is all about oil and oil company profits. It has been that way since the opening days of World War Two. It has never been about anything else. Oddly enough, some people seem to think it is a sin to even suggest this. One wonders if they have any brain at all.

While it has been obvious for more than a year that the White House is totally committed to invading and occupying Iran, the “oil deniers” remain unaware of the equally obvious reason. It is the culmination of more than twenty years work dedicated to the seizure of the world’s second and third largest oil reserves at taxpayer expense, so they can be turned over to global “energy” corporations who will harvest that oil at a cost as low as two or three dollars a barrel. Needless to say, those savings will NOT be passed on to the consumer. There are very serious and well funded disinformation efforts designed to promote alternative realities, including Bible prophecy, servants of Satan, reptilian overlords, the Jews and many more. For me, trillions of little green spendable reasons are more than sufficient to explain why the Houston-based Oil Cartel has spent decades corrupting entire governments to do their bidding.

Don’t believe this is a well established plan? Global Research published a letter on Monday (11/19) from a concerned American at the overseas branch of the University of Maryland. Their military education program had been asked to bid on the opportunity of providing educational services to American personnel stationed in Iran and Syria. Slowly but surely the truth comes out. And the bad guys really aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are.

Once the puppet government in Washington finally succeeds in creating their second 9/11 and becomes free to attack Iran, the price of oil and gasoline will skyrocket, creating handsome windfall profits for the corporations that are running the show. Totally missed by most alternative news sites, Bloomberg reported three weeks ago that commodity option traders had already purchased options on commodity contracts for December delivery of crude oil at $125 a barrel, in the amount of two-and-a-half-million barrels. I’m sure this amount is much larger today. Options have no intrinsic value unless the item to be delivered rises above the strike price before the option runs out. When that happens, the investor can make many times the amount of money that he actually risked.

Yes, there are other plans afoot as well: the Pandemic to wipe out the Baby Boomers before they can bankrupt the system; collapse of the dollar to help usher in the new Amero currency; and the creation of a new Reich in the form of a North American Union with Martial Law to crush an expected rebellion are all around the corner. They are racing toward us like a 200-car downhill freight from Hell. But those are other stories. For now, we look at the RS confirmations of what may soon be known as Bush’s Thanksgiving Massacre.

I. Evesdropping On An Old Gangster

Judge Michael Mukasy is Junior’s newest Attorney General, and a fancy swearing-in ceremony for him was held at the Justice Department last week. We’ve seen a parade of shopworn old gangsters replacing Bush officials who’ve had to disappear from public view, or taking freshly minted jobs designed to lock down White House control of various parts of the Executive Branch of government. Just by following the history, if you didn’t know that Mukasy was crooked before, you know it now.

Mukasy, with close ties to 9/11 conspirator Giuliani in New York, used his position on the bench to protect the Patriot Act, and to allow detention of U.S. citizens without criminal charges. He also has a nasty record regarding the use of torture by government agencies. In other words, he’s a perfect candidate for the Bush cabinet.

Bush gives us the straight scoop in his remarks at the official ceremony, which apparently represents a milestone of sorts. He says, “SEE A DREAM” and “CRIME BEAT JUSTICE.” Essentially, it is a moment that seems to confirm that the Justice Department is under the control of criminal elements it was intended to suppress. Imagine what a triumph this is. And remember, they don’t call it the Bush Crime Family for nothing. As for Mukasy, Bush thinks the “MAN A NATURAL.”

Mukasy himself makes it pretty clear what is going on. When referring to the day-to-day work of the Justice Department, he calls it “THE TREASON,” reminding us that most of the work there now involves preparations for the new Reich, and the final destruction of the Constitution.

But all these people swear an oath, don’t they? Sure, that’s what the ceremony was all about. But Mukasy gives us personal opinion of his oath when he mentions it along with the reversal, “IT’S A MYTH.”

Remember that this event took place a day before our last report came out, during a time when the GAMBIT false-flag attack plan has been moving ahead smoothly. Bush had only a single reversal that might refer to it: “IT’S HOUSTON.” Unfortunately, that reversal might also be describing who controls the Justice Department. But Mukasy has apparently received briefings on the subject and with a mind a bit more mature than Junior’s, the main issues are still present.

“PORT DOWN SOUTH” and “HORRIBLE – FREAK OUT” are not exactly the thoughts you would expect to pick up from a man enjoying an official ceremony in his honor. But of course they answer our question about the target for the false-flag nuclear attack and it’s the same old location for sure. The oil terminal at the Port of Texas City that they’ve been trying to blow up for two years now.

As a criminal accomplice to mass murder, Mukasy couldn’t be happier. “NOW I’M IN THE CLUB,” he says. Well good for him. Sooner or later he’ll be listening to himself on this page. Welcome to the New Millennium, you sorry wretch.



Fwd: Law enforcement and Intelligence working hand-in-hand.. (ie. Secret Police)


Fwd: The day-to-day work of the Justice Department

Fwd: The Oath Of Office

Fwd: ask myself

Fwd: ..thank you for welcoming me

II. We Nail Bush Again – Yes It’s Thanksgiving

Two days later Junior knows that we’ve nailed him again. He’s amazed that we revealed the secret of his Seal Map. And the poor dope is now telling himself that he is “NOT SCUM!” and that he’ll just have to “GET OVER IT.” Brave words, but as the Bard said, scum by any other name is still scum. Apparently he has now been assured by another party that his “listener” can be killed with “no hassle. But Bush’s death threats are beginning to change the tone of these reports, so I’m saving them in our distributed “poison pill” file for later distribution if appropriate, and won’t bother our readers with them again, unless we get one that is particularly enlightening.

This opportunity to eavesdrop on Bush is offered as coverage of a White House event in honor of National Adoption Day. Bush delivered a truly lovely speech. The speech writer should be commended. Bush spoke unusually slow, and I suspect he is either short on sleep, or the person on the other end of that little earphone he uses for prompting wasn’t up to the job. In other reversals that refer to our report we find that he sees no mistakes, using the odd word “mis-type.” Perhaps he admires our craftmanship, or this may return to the theme that we’ve repeatedly gotten it right. The immediately following phrase, “THEY’RE OFTEN IMMEDIATE” seems to suggest he realizes now that we can in fact keep up with events if we have to. However, the important RS from this event is all about the planned nuclear attack on an American city.

I don’t know if reading our report has brought it all back to the top of Bush’s unconscious, or recent briefings have placed it as topic number one. Either way, he’s certainly thinking about it as he goes through the motions of delivering his speech.

In the sound clip below, you’ll notice that the first reversal is incomplete. There were two letters (or sounds) missing at the end. This happens from time to time and because of the nature of RS it occurs at the end of a phrase which is actually the first moment that the unconscious is trying insert material into the stream of regular speech. Sometimes you just have to skip these reversals, but if the missing word is obvious, there’s no point in ignoring interesting information.

Bush refers to “THE BOMB” and admits a “natural fear of the details.” Off hand this seems a little strange. This is the same poor devil who appeared close to orgasm on a previous occasion when his masters told him he could actually push the button himself! Nonetheless, he expects that he will “shed his fear” of nuking human beings “WHEN YOU NUKE CITY” and I suppose the only logical conclusion is that he hopes to find it much easier to commit mass murder in the future.

Perhaps you’ll recall that Condi Rice told us that the government has determined that simply doesn’t have the web-power to get our story out to other media, and that consequently these reports can be ignored. This has repaired the confidence of the conspirators as they decide to go ahead with the false-flag GAMBIT attack. Bush is perfectly aware that his bomb is going to kill children in the Texas City area, so perhaps there is a connection to the children who won’t be finding a home in his forward speech, and the underlying reversal, “FINAL RELEASE GAMBIT.” He’s certainly reflecting their current assessment of our reach with the follow-on “NO CHANCE THEY KNOW IT.”

One thing to note is that we have both a bomb and a missile. These are the two nukes brought back from Russia, and one is for us and the other for the Iraqi resistance fighters around Fallujah. The meaning of the specific phrase used here in regard to the missile is not very clear, but we already know from previous work where it has to go.

At this point we know that the new 9/11 attack is imminent, but still don’t have an actual reversal saying when. There’s a good chance that just such a statement will show up in material from the following few days, but Bush grants us the information we seek by telling a lie and then letting us know that it is false. As he closes out his remarks on adoption he says, “This Thanksgiving holiday will be particularly special for thousands of families in thousands of homes.” Buried in the statement is a classic reversal, “IT’S THE OPPOSITE.” This is one of those reversals that is always true, and carries specific meaning. Viewed literally, Junior is telling us that there will be thousands of families who will wish that Thanksgiving had never come.

White House Event for
National Adoption Day
November 16, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip:

Fwd: Speech about the value of adopting children

Fwd: N/A

Fwd: Children that will not find a permanent home..

Fwd: “..the depth and wonder of the human heart.”

Fwd: “..this Thanksgiving holiday will be particularly special for
thousands of families in thousands of homes.”

III. What Is The Probability We’ve Gotten It Right?

Overall, I assess the probability that we’ve correctly found the intended time and place at eighty percent. That’s a ten percent margin of error for location, and ten percent possible error on the timing. I’m very comfortable with this. The location is the one they’ve planned for and tried to use twice already, and it fits perfectly with a number of constraints that limit their choices.

I’ll mention that we did find one other city. We picked up “BOMB TULSA” from one of our RS sources, but could not connect it with any other reversals that might confirm it was the information we sought. It might refer to some other sort of bomb that was actually found in Tulsa, that some information might have that effect on Tulsa, or that Tulsa referred to a group, a project, etc. It’s one of those reversals that just hangs there in mid-air and you don’t know what to do with it. Of course, if the target did in fact turn out to be Tulsa, we know where to dig for more information. But Tulsa also does not fit a key constraint that you rarely hear discussed.

Targets for a nuclear blast that serves only propaganda purposes are very naturally limited to coastal cities. Why? Because they don’t want radioactive fallout to cause more long-term economic harm than the blast itself. A coastal target on the right day has the benefit of winds that can blow fallout away from the land.

This consideration will be the key factor in when the device will actually be detonated. In the past we’ve had Easter chosen twice for this event. In both cases it was understood that this could refer to the entire weekend. We pinpointed the attempt to use a nuke in an Israeli coastal area right down to the day, but oddities in the Jewish calendar still left some leeway there as well, giving about a 48-hour spread.

In this current attempt, we cannot truly narrow the time down any further than the “holiday” with reversed speech. This can be viewed as lasting from Thursday, the 22nd, all the way through Sunday, depending on your point of view. Having gone through this before, I now suspect that the actual date and time is probably determined by wind direction, as I’ve discussed above. As I mentioned in the previous report, freaky weather last Easter created a wind that would have blown fallout west of the main population center on Galveston Island and out into the Gulf. The perfect situation. Only the fact that the bomb in use at that time failed a last minute diagnostic test prevented the attack.

Here’s the location as seen from satellite, and I’ve marked the ideal wind direction. Most other directions carry higher and higher costs, adding up to billions I’m sure, and you can imagine the effect if fallout blew in any northward direction toward Houston!

It looks to me like they are doing it again. Here is a forecast I obtained on Monday morning from TimeAndDate.Com. It’s the best I can find for showing wind direction at a glance. Others tend to add confusion for city folks who don’t remember that winds are named for the direction they are coming from, not the direction they are blowing toward. As you can see, there is a magical change in the predicted wind direction for Thursday and Friday, and it looks like either one of those dates would produce maximum television with minimal long term losses.

It is important to note, however, that this forecast is for Houston, while Texas City is about 35 minutes south and subject to coastal weather effects as well. You can Google for Galveston weather, which will be the same as Texas City, and get current wind direction there easily. Remember that a northeast wind is good, because it blows to the southwest.

This consideration means that Navy Intelligence Management is certain to have a team on the ground, not far from Texas City, that will be assessing wind speed and direction on a continuous basis. They will determine when and if the weapon can be fired.

Unfortunately, this means that although ten o’clock Thursday morning may be the ideal moment to incinerate the Port of Texas City, it may not happen that way. If it doesn’t happen when we expect it, we still don’t know that it’s not going to happen a short time later, or even the next day. I do know, however, that they are desperate, frightened, and quite determined to finally bring this thing off and get on with their mission of attacking Iran, and saving Iraq.

IV. Effects On Houston Area

I would expect that most of Texas City will be knocked down by the blast wave, while Galveston is more likely to experience only a few broken windows. However, the effects of a successful detonation will actually be global in scope. Iran will be broken very quickly and probably Syria as well. They will become occupied states and all our Middle East problems will suddenly be “solved.” The mysterious off-again on-again Annapolis Peace Conference will convene fairly quickly to address its real function: forcing all Middle East states to acknowledge and adapt to a new reality without Iran and Syria.

We can certainly expect Bush to use nukes in the initial attack on Iran. That’s why he has to use one here first. And we simply don’t have the manpower to do it any other way. From Houston’s point of view the nukes are free, having already been paid for by several generations of taxpayers. This is a factor of significant importance to corporate controllers! And of course, a lot of television-drugged Americans will be cheering him on.

Naturally, the price of fuel is likely to reach unbelievable levels and this will have drastic economic effects world-wide. Beyond that, the effects on the rest of the world of a powerful fascist state (ie. corporate ruled) willing to use nukes to take whatever it wants will be incalculable.

Locally, I believe we’ve already had a simulation of what Washington expects to happen here. Two years ago Houston was tested, just for this event. In the wake of the New Orleans disaster, Houston area residents were deliberately pushed into a true hurricane panic by a very well orchestrated use of local media, in combination with major corporations (especially banks) who simply closed their doors and effectively disappeared days before the hurrican was to arrive. This led about a million-and-a-half gullible and terrified people to head for the hills, using a very limited number of highways.

What a disaster! Can you imagine sitting in a car with no food, water, or sanitary facilities for twenty hours or more, to go 20 miles while all neighboring businesses along the way are closed? Many of us who stayed behind were both baffled over what was going on, and horrified as we learned what our friends and neighbors were experiencing. It made no sense at all, and graphically illustrated what it is like to be in a situation where powerful forces are manipulating whole populations.

I suspect this will happen again. Most people who learn that a nuclear weapon has exploded nearby are going to grab the kids and run. They won’t attempt to understand the relatively small size of the device, nor will they think about wind direction. Roads will be jammed, and thousands of businesses will be forced to close as their employees hit the road. Of course, on Thanksgiving Day most of those business will be very conveniently closed anyway.

Once on the road, fleeing Houstonians will be listening to their radios, of course, and this time, instead of being urged to go as far as they can, they will be told that most of them can return to their homes. Will they believe this? I don’t know.

In the end we can only wait to see what actually happens.

One last reminder. Because of the nature of reversed speech, we are at the very best about 48 hours behind. That means that if the attack is canceled for some reason, and the information is hidden within some public official’s words, it’s unlikely that we could discover this and get the word out in time to make any difference. Worse yet, the people we would most want to record and analyze may not be anywhere near a microphone during the holiday itself, in the case that nothing happens. But I’m right here in Houston and I’ll be sweating it out like everyone else.

Good Luck to us all,

Ken Welch

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