Ron Paul Wins Presidential Election

December 5, 2007

Ron Paul Wins 2008 ElectionAccording to Google Trends, if the election happened today, Ron Paul would be the next U.S. President. In a competition between Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul is the most searched for presidential candidate in the 2008 election. What CNN doesn’t realize, what the neocons don’t realize, is that Google is all-powerful, even beyond them. Google Trends accurately predicted the last U.S. President, George W. Bush.Will Ron Paul’s popularity continue to rise and spread? We hope so. 

9 Responses to “Ron Paul Wins Presidential Election”

  1. usbizbee said

    Oh, Wow!

    I didn’t knew, henceforth, elections would be conducted in Television Studios and online Search Engines. Ain’t that Trendy? I better rush and set-up my own studio.

    Seems like a lot of intellectual power goes into making a blog post, as the one above.

  2. berencamlost said

    Ron Paul is amazingly popular and growing more so each day.

  3. Greg P said


    Which candidate offers you a better list of course corrections for this country than Paul?

    List your specific course corrections rather than mocking the only candidate that is thinking outside of the box.

  4. Webber53 said

    To usbizbee,
    Please read the information contained in the link provided and understand that the old media is DEAD! Long live the internet! Go Ron Paul!!

  5. Dennis Porter said

    People had better wake up FAST – and I mean like RIGHT NOW!!! These killers in the White House are Hell-bent on declaring Martial Law before Spring. They know that Ron Paul is unstoppable at this point, and that the jig is up for them as far as elections are concerned. Ron Pauls supporters are wise to the way the political machine works in this country, and they are well educated and informed as to the lies and methods of deception used by the elite to gain power and sustain it. This makes those in power very dangerous. They know their time is short and that they must have a “State of Emergency” to declare Martial Law and suspend the elections. They then must “erraticate” the peoploe who are on to their game; hence , the Haliburton Concentration Camps ( at least 800 according to the latest estimate – see ). Our only real hope is that there are those in the Military who know all of this and will do the right thing and uphold their oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, and institute a Constitutional Government. These are Terrifying and Trying Times. God help us all, and God Bless Ron Paul.

  6. j.c. said

    Put on EVERY dollar that you spend….even coins and letters Use a Sharpie permanent marker pen…

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