New Hampshire Voter Complaint Line

January 9, 2008

New Hampshire voter complaint line set up

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s toll free election line phone number is:


1-603-271-3650 (out-of-state)

2 Responses to “New Hampshire Voter Complaint Line”

  1. Dominick A. DiTaranto said

    I am extremely concerned that the votes for our presidential candidates were either not counted, transferred, or electronically tallied incorrectly. I give two examples. The first would be the Barack Obama count. On exit polls, and many other polls, he wins hands down in NH, but in the reported vote, he loses, by a decent margin. The second, and more obvious example would be the Ron Paul vote. It seems again, the exit polls told another story here also. But even more disturbing is an account that happened in the town of Sutton, as per an article. Mr Paul received 31 votes, yet the total for that town came in zero. Also on another web site there is an article that the hand count shows 15% for Mr. Paul. Not a single hand count township showed less than 10%. Supposedly, Ron Paul got 8% – this does not make sense. I truly believe that there is something wrong here, and as a concerned citizen with our own primaries coming soon, it would be in the best interest of the people of NH to stand up to this kind of dishonesty, and demand a recount. This kind of dishonesty is embarrassing to our country. I’m ashamed.

  2. Travis Heins said

    At 8:34 eastern time , I witnessed on (from whom which MSNBC reports results)

    That Mike Huckabee lost 600 + votes , Giuliani gained roughly 80 , and Ron Paul lost nearly 100 …

    This is not as simple as Human Error especially during a Presidential election .

    I am frustrated and I request a recount of the votes … If not a complete Re-Vote .

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