Thoughts on Vote Fraud in New Hampshire

January 14, 2008

Brandon Dean
Thus Always to Tyrants
January 11, 2008

Well, I have a few thoughts on the obvious vote fraud which has taken place in New Hampshire. This is directed at everyone, but especially those of you who have been struggling for truth for years now.

To those of you who finally started to see what all of us “kooks” have been screaming about for years since you’ve discovered Ron Paul in the last year or so, who have seen the truth in what Ron Paul says about government corruption, and have then witnessed the blacklisting of this one honest politician amongst a heap of drooling sycophants who call themselves the “media:” welcome to our world… We have been trying to wake folks like you up and it’s been very difficult. Not so much to get through to folks logically, but to get people to care about something.

Something akin to the Ron Paul Revolution was necessary to wake a greater mass of people out of their apathy. We as strugglers for truth must not lose sight of what the greater power of this revolution is: loss of this apathy. it’s more powerful than a presidency. Far more. When there is a massive wave of caring awareness, those abusing this system will scurry for cover for fear of exposure. As it stands, our system has been thwarted to award villainy.

To those of you who have been around longer than this last year: did you think the establishment would not do everything in its power to deflect Dr. Paul? Of course you knew, but like me you probably watched the first caucus and primary amid some vague dream outstretched in hope that just maybe it would be (somewhat) fair. Perhaps the powers-that-be should have considered changing Dr. Paul’s 5th place status from Iowa to New Hampshire in the interest of succeeding at their farce?

In an unbelievable episode, the town of Sutton, New Hampshire, reported 0 votes for Dr. Paul. When a local Sutton family realized they had all voted for Ron Paul (5 total votes) yet NONE of these votes appeared on the official chart provided by Associated Press to all the networks, the information reached one Bev Harris of Bev Harris proceeded to call Sutton officials, who “discovered” that 31 votes had been cast for Ron Paul, but had “accidentally” been shuffled off to the “other” pool, and said they would “fix” it right away. I never saw any change in the charts however…

Hillary Clinton, the smoke-breathing demon-clone of Bill Clinton (who deserves A LOT more ire than he gets), also stole her win from Barack Obama, the CFR frontman whose wife is the head of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. This alone tells me the man is a globalist, besides the fact that he’s a Democrat. Whatever; he was cheated and it ain’t right. Entrance Straw Polls barely ever miss by 2 percent, but water turned to wine that night for Shillary Clinton. Somehow she turned a definite 14 point loss into a 10 point win! Miracle of miracles! Black became white (pun intended), up became down, and war became peace all in one night, and the sun didn’t snuff out! Nope, the machinery of Media barely noticed. A few “wows” and “what the’s” and voila! it’s on to South Carolina! Woo Hoo!!

All of this is grievous and horrendously surprising to those who have discovered the gift of utter government corruption in the last year. It’s unbelievable! WTF is going on? OMG!!! I am not ROTF right now!

To the rest of us, who probably know that every presidential election since 1960 has been a fraud, this better not surprise you. Time for a moment of tough love: Snap out of it! Stop living in a dream world! Even if Dr. Paul was elected somehow, how long do you think he’d last in office unless he completely compromised? And never forget lest ye are tempted to think of how long Kennedy lasted with delusions of grandeur: Kennedy was blackmailed. BOBBY Kennedy was incorruptible. John was corruptible, even though he remains our last true president, because he stopped letting himself be blackmailed and went to war with these vicious blood-thirsty monsters. So did Bobby, and he didn’t even make it to the White House. It was in my hometown of Los Angeles, California that he was gunned down in front of dozens of witnesses after he won the 1968 California Democratic Primary.

But here is the good news: Ron Paul has already accomplished what he originally set out to accomplish, that which is more powerful than a presidency: the corrosion of apathy. God bless his soul for what he has done to wake people in this country up.

And if the elections are totally faked, and if Dr. Paul never gets close to the Oval Office, I say the more likely the chances of this young movement surviving its infancy. If Dr. Paul starts winning all the primaries, and they see no alternative but to kill him, will this freedom movement go the way of Bobby Kennedy’s? Will the Ron Paul Revolution morph into a small little group of frothing violent-minded revolutionaries, completely missing the point of Paul’s message? Will it just fade completely, like a beautiful song lost in a strong wind? I believe that is the strongest possibility, sadly enough.
But if Dr. Paul loses through fraud and corruption, proving out everything he’s been saying, the only thing that will happen is he will gain more followers.

I cannot express my admiration of Dr. Paul for what he is doing for all of us. He has become one of the great American Heroes, and he deserves a seat next to Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Samuel Adams, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and too many others to mention.

To have watched Dr. Paul’s speeches in congress for years, to have written him letters to run for president at least four times in the last ten years, to have read his financial exposes and speeches, and then to see how huge his candidacy has become is a miracle I truly never expected to see. What has happened so far has so far exceeded my expectations because I, like Dr. Paul, had underestimated the malcontent of the American people. I am in awe of his support. The man has already won! The message is out! It’s now far too late for the New World Order and I’m not sure if they realize it yet…

3 Responses to “Thoughts on Vote Fraud in New Hampshire”

  1. Sheree said

    Do you have any links or souces concerning Michelle Obama and her seat on Chicago CFR? That makes me VERY uncomfortable. To say the least. I want to know more, as I am currently planning to vote for Obama.

  2. I don’t have any links right now, but there is word amongst experts that she holds a seat on the CFR and that Obama is possibly a member himself.

  3. Ron Paul my ass…The Hangin’ of Barak Obama.

    Obama is in court charged…

    The big screen has footage of GWB telling the world that he witnesed the first 911 air strike on the WTC from a school in Florida.

    Question from the prosecutor: “…Senator Obama how could it be? The networks never broadcast it so how did it get there.”

    Obama, sweatin’ a little grunts.

    The Prosecutor: “….you are gonna be found guilty of capital treason lest you tell the court how the footage got there.”

    Obama: “…Well I guess the President’s own people had a link.”

    Prosecutor: “…Sure they did, so as a United States Senator is it not your responsibility to bring such massive treason to the attention of the wider public.”

    Obama: “…Under what jurisdiction do you propose to bring this prosecution, no one else said anything, why should I.”

    Prosecutor: “…Under the capital provisions of revolutionary justice, do you have anything else to say, because your assertion that although you were aware of treason at the White House you remained silent, despite the oath you took in the Senate to uphold the laws if the United States.”

    Obama: “…This court is illegal.”

    Judge: “…Senator Obama you are found guilty of capital treason, and are sentenced to death.”

    The Appellant Judge endorses the decision of the bench, the execution is to take place immediately.

    The court was convened on the dirt street of a western town, Obama is requested to walk under a lamp post. I fix a hemp noose about his neck and give the order to heave, and Barak Hussein Obama is hauled high on a lamp post and dies kikkkin’and jerkin’ right on Main Street.

    Don’t go hissin’ y’all n—— now, cos there is gonna be a lot more like him.

    Hillary will be tried in the same way, with Ron Schmaul and every one of other traitors, who conspired before or after the fact of 911.

    In Rome, Italy, in 2000, Italian police broke up a ring of 11 top Jewish gangsters. It was discovered that they had been kidnapping Gentile (non-Jewish) children between the ages of two and five from orphanages, raping them, and then murdering the children.

    These despicable crimes were recorded live on film and sold throughout the infamous global “snuff film” industry. Over 1,700 customers had paid as much as $20,000 per film to view little children being raped and murdered.

    Murdoch and Co will have you believe an internecine struggle between Shia and Sunni sects within the Moslem infrastructure of Iraq, supported on the Shia side by Iran attempting to establish hegemony in the area, is at the heart of the problem. That is total BS.

    PP reports that recent bombings of civilian targets in Iraq are at the behest of John Negroponte US Deputy Secretary of State, similar bombings have now left dozens dead and scores injured in Afghanistan.

    Iraqi’s Accuse U.S. Of Bombing al-Askari Shrine in Samara, both Sunnis and Shia say the bombings are plot to incite sectarian violence.

    Offensive material is in Hebrew surely identifies its origin as Jewish, internet porn is widely recognized as having similar Semitic origins.

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