A Plea for Ed & Elaine Brown

November 22, 2007

Today I received a handwritten letter from Ed Brown. (For those of you who still don’t know who the Browns are) here is a link to their myspace site:

Ed & Elaine Brown: http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vcHJvZmlsZS5teXNwYWNlLmNvbS9pbmRleC5jZm0/ZnVzZWFjdGlvbj11c2VyLnZpZXdwcm9maWxlJmZyaWVuZGlkPTI2MTA5NTMxNA==

Ed’s letter was hand-written in a seemingly desperate scrawl, on lined notebook paper, its tone one of sadness, and yet much hope. Ed personally requested that I attempt to continue to promote awareness of his and Elaine’s situation, and so, with only minor personal ommissions, here is his letter in full.
Please, please, pray for this dear couple. They are true Christian patriots and are fighting a fight few of us dare to take on for ourselves.

Please encourage them by writing to Ed & Elaine. If you are able, send them pictures (see letter and addresses below). If any of you have ever been kept away from loved ones, you understand how hard this must be for both of them. They need our encouragement, prayers, and if possible, financial assistance now more than ever. Let us not forget these courageous people.


Dear _______

Please! Keep us in your prayers. The picture is the first. Thank you thank you thank you. I need pictures badly. I have nothing and my heart is breaking. We [Ed & Elaine] have never been apart this long before and I am really concerned for her.

They hurt me permanently. The damage will be with me for the rest of my life. Read the rest of this entry »

If there was ever a time for a false flag op, the Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect.

They are already preparing the political side of the attack – that Ron Paul supporters and Truthers will be the source of the “next McVeigh” as the ritalin-popping shill Glenn Beck once said.

It’s the time before and after the actual day to worry about. Hit the country on THE day when people are where they want to be and with their families where the mind and spirit are stronger and it won’t have the effect. Hit them when in transit, strand them on roads and airports, and the fear factor – and clamoring for someone to do something/anything – will be much higher. By the time people can get home and to their computers to find out what is going on, all dissenters would be dead or locked up.

They might even claim all that “gunfire on the horizon” are Al Queda cells that came out of the woodwork and are being put down. Of course there is no AL Queda and the people being put down will be those who are resisting the tyranny of what would be phase 2 of the enslavement process.

Take these warning seriously.

Editors note: We neither endorse nor condemn the technology of reversed speech. This info is presented for your consideration.  To hear the sound clips go to http://www.ken-welch.com

In last week’s report Iran Invasion Recycled, reversed speech from Washington confirmed that a false flag nuclear attack somewhere in America was planned, and that the operation was underway. Only the time and place remained in doubt. Because the controllers behind the present administration had only sixty days to implement the plan, which has always been called GAMBIT, I pointed out that they would probably be forced to simply recycle the same attack plan they’ve tried before. This would place the target at the Port of Texas City, an oil terminal a short distance south of Houston, Texas.

We also discussed the fact that previous plans have attempted to choose dates that promote the concept of religious war, a propaganda tool that can be valuable for years to come. (Two of the previous attempts were centered on Easter for their faked Muslim atrocity.) I pointed out that the Thanksgiving holiday would make a good stand-in for this role, considering the intense pressure that Washington is under to complete this strategy as fast as possible.

Both of these suspicions regarding the time and place of the attack seem to be confirmed by the latest speech reversals we’ve gathered from Washington.

The false-flag attack is to be the trigger for the invasion of Iran, a goal that is now almost two years behind schedule. In addition, the invasion is to be the cover for the use of at least one false-flag nuke to wipe out resistance elements in Iraq’s Anbar Province and thus save the Iraq mission before it fails completely. Read the rest of this entry »

The Ron Paul Zogby Poll: Simplified
LRC: When All Groups Are Polled, Ron Paul Wins

Chris Brunner / LRC Blog | November 20, 2007

COMMENT: Setting aside the interesting data that shows Ron Paul marginalizes no one, LRC makes clear a strong point: When All Groups Are Polled, Ron Paul Wins. Ron Paul is doing well, and he stands to do even better by bounds (as his recognition grows).

See demographic analysis here, comments from Zogby pollster Fritz Wenzel here, and the Zogby poll itself here.


Zogby released the results of its latest telephone survey today which is known as a “blind bio” poll because likely voters are given details of the candidates’ resumes without their names attached. Among Republicans, Dr. Paul came in 3rd, with 13%. However, when Democrats and Independents were included in the group surveyed, Dr. Paul won with 33%.

Thanks to Pieter Friedrich for pointing this out.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Retrieved from http://www.prisonplanet.com

If Endgame was the masters degree in understanding the long term goals of the global elite and their quest for world government and population reduction, then Endgame 1.5 is the advanced PhD course – it goes into extensive detail about the origins of the blueprint for global enslavement, what the near to mid-term goals of the Bilderberg Group are, and how long we have to stop their agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, November 20, 2007


retrieved from Prisonplanet. com Nov. 20 2007

In their press release about the results of a new telephone poll, Zogby chose to marginalize Ron Paul by highlighting a demographic that was won by Rudy Giuliani, while largely ignoring the fact that the Texas Congressman completely dominated almost every other aspect of the poll.

Under the headline Giuliani Leads Among Republicans in Latest Blind Bio Survey, the Zogby press release reads, “Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, long the favorite in nationwide samples of likely Republican voters in the 2008 race for the party’s presidential nomination, has the strongest resume of four top contenders, a new Zogby International survey shows.”

“The telephone survey, known as a “blind bio” poll because likely voters are given details of the candidates’ resumes without their names attached, shows Giuliani wins 34% support, compared to 22% each for Thompson and Romney. Ron Paul, who has surged recently in polls and has a significant online following, came in last with 13% support, while 9% said they were undecided on the question.”

Only at the end of the article does the Zogby statement admit, “The blind bio question was also posed to a larger pool of 1,009 likely voters nationwide, including Democrats and independents, and Paul was the big winner among that universe of voters, winning 33%, compared to 19% for Giuliani, 15% for Romney, and 13% for Thompson.” Read the rest of this entry »

Editors note: More as the story develops, early reports are that our President, Dr. Ron Paul has absolutely mopped the floor with Guiliani, Romney and Fred Thompson. Our President, Dr. Ron Paul won BY DOUBLE DIGITS in every demographic of religion, race, sex, political ideology (except for “extremely conservative” which is the story the Mainstream will report Guiliani won), even in the various age demographics.

Dr. Ron Paul wins!

By Zogby research, the actual full poll was taken using over 1000 likely voters not only the 300 or so in the subset of the poll that Guiliani won.

By Zogby data Dr. Ron Paul is 19% ahead of the nearest competitor in the full poll!


by billym 11/20/07

retrieved from http://www.rumormillnews.com

How do we prepare for the future now? It seems as if the collective karma of America is about to catch up to the People and I wonder how many are prepared to face a sudden and devastating lowering of their standard of living. Are we a nation of spoiled brats whose minds will go completely to pieces when reduced to poverty, joblessness, perhaps homelessness? Who is strong enough among us to adjust to overnight to a lifestyle reminiscent of the great depression era? Everyone is now talking of such an economic collapse because the nation is going bankrupt, because the leaders are criminals, because the corporations control the government for greed, because we waste what we have (borrowed) in an unending pointless war and the destruction of several nations.

Karma, the word, means “action” in sanskrit, it means “doing,” with a hidden implied meaning that actions have reactions, results, or in modern lingo “what goes around comes around.” If you hurt someone, you might yourself be hurt in the future. The law of karma: your actions balance out in the end.

A story popped up in my email today about the use of depleted uranium in Iraq. It said that DU used in the Mideast may eventually claim more lives than Hiroshima and Nagasaki together. It is the “quiet” nuclear war we are waging on behalf of oil corporations, led by crazed subhuman monsters called “president” and “vice president.” The real terror of this war is in realizing what we have done and are doing and what must be the inevitable consequences of that, in the karmic sense, the results of actions (destroying a People). How did we allow our proxies to turn us into an Evil Empire? Is there no way to get rid of these monsters? And can we pay the quickly coming price of living in a kind of new world third world poverty subsisting on potatos and grains only, scratching out some vegetables in the front yard and the back yard? Read the rest of this entry »

Jesus on Taxes

November 6, 2007

Jesus On Taxes
By Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

From my study of the New Testament, I must conclude the Messiah was a staunch tax protestor. The political motive for his crucifixion was his equating taxation with sin akin to usury, slavery, hypocrisy, and prostitution.
Re-reading Matthew, for instance, is edifying concerning taxation and Jesus’ prohibition of this enslaving practice. Temple tax collectors and sinful Rabbis were repeatedly rebuked by the Prince of Peace, Hebrew name YahShuah (Yeshua), who pointed out the obvious: All children of the King of the Universe are exempt from paying taxes, and the coins used to pay taxes, bearing graven images of political deities, (such as Caesar’s face on the denarios) should be returned forthwith (to Caesar), lest you violate the second law in the Ten Commandments. Read the rest of this entry »

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, aided by an extraordinary outpouring of Internet support Monday, hauled in more than $4.2 million in nearly 24 hours.

Paul, the Texas congressman with a libertarian tilt and an out-of-Iraq pitch, entered heady fundraising territory with a surge of Web-based giving tied to the commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day.

Fawkes was a British mercenary who failed in his attempt to kill King James I on Nov. 5, 1605. He also was the model for the protagonist in the movie “V for Vendetta.” Paul backers motivated donors on the Internet with mashed-up clips of the film on the online video site YouTube as well as the Guy Fawkes Day refrain: “Remember, remember the 5th of November.” Read the rest of this entry »