The folks over at Neocon News believe we don’t know the full happenings of the white Florida college student who was tasered at a recent Kerry forum. Everyone is talking about this news story now, even the big outlets. They are circulating a different video.

When is freedom of speech not permitted? Why are police or law-enforcement authorities allowed to man-handle and taser a college student for speaking his mind?

Should these types of anti-Constitutional acts of violence be allowed in our country? I say taser the police officers who man-handled and arrested this man!!!

We cannot allow our government agencies to abuse our God-given rights. Stand up and be heard!

A New America? (video)

August 21, 2007

In this video segment from CNN, we learn that the North American Union will be footed by American taxpayer dollars.

If you disagree with SPP and the North American Union, please tell everyone you know that you don’t want your hard-earned tax dollars spent on the merger of three nations under one.

CNN: North American Union?

August 21, 2007

Lou Dobbs of CNN discussed the the plans of Canada, Mexico and the United States merging into one nation as the North American Union.

At the end of this video segment from Lou Dobbs Tonight, he asked the viewers if they were able to vote on the North American Union, how they’d vote?

[Note: At the time of publishing this blog entry, 98% (approx. 8598-to-216 votes) of people said Yes, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) does threaten our sovereignty. SPP is not favored by the American public.]